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Post-Thanksgiving Round-Up and Open Thread

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[guest post by JVW]

* Fox News reports via the New York Times that Intersectionality Bingo’s team blames My Little Aloha Sweetie for wrecking the California Senator’s campaign, confirming what I have been saying for months.

* President Trump, he of the mixed messages, signed the pro-Hong Kong bill which passed through Congress. In response, pro-democracy demonstrators are waving “swole Trump” posters as thanks.

* Along with saving the world for democracy, the United States has apparently exported the gross consumerism of Black Friday to the rest of the world, so our legacy is not always entirely positive.

* While we’re discussing retail shopping, it’s amazing and perhaps frightening to realize the number of traditional brick-and-mortar stores that are closing down for good.

* Los Angeles Metro, one of the absolutely worst-run bureaucracies imaginable, continues with its legacy of failure in operating a county-wide subway system. (This department has been sponsoring a project in my neighborhood to create a right-turn lane from one heavily-traveled street to another, a grand total of about 400 feet of road work, and the construction part of the project is now into its sixth month. For real.)

Now with the table set, feel free to discuss these or other topics which strike your fancy.


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