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Nobody Parties Like Indiana Judges Party

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[guest post by JVW]

From Bloomberg Law:

Three Indiana judges who were involved in a drunken fight in May that ended in two of them getting shot have been temporarily suspended by the Indiana Supreme Court.

[. . .]

Clark County Judges Andrew Adams and Bradley B. Jacobs, as well as Crawford Circuit Court Judge Sabrina R. Bell were in Indianapolis for a judicial conference last spring. They went bar-hopping the evening of April 30 into the early morning of May 1.

When they couldn’t get into a gentleman’s club at 3am because it was closed, they congregated in front of a White Castle while another colleague went inside to get food.

First of all, I’m a bit disappointed because I expected this to be about judges fighting with and shooting each other, not some random civilians. But that aside, hats off to Judge Sabrina R. Bell who apparently is down with hitting the nudie bars with the fellas and then grabbing some delicious late-night sliders to soak up all that booze she drank. She’s young, around 36 or 37, and she’s from Crawford County, about 30 miles outside of Louisville, Kentucky, so I have a feeling she’s a fun wing-woman to have when you’re up for a night on the town. Back to the story:

A car then drove by and the occupants shouted something at the judges. Bell gave them the middle finger, after which they jumped out of the car and engaged in a “heated verbal altercation” with the judges, the court said.

The judges never tried to de-escalate the situation or defuse it, according to the opinion.

The fight got physical, and Adams kicked one of the car’s occupants, Brandon Kaiser, in the back. The fight ended when Kaiser shot Adams and Jacobs.

Here is a picture of the Bruce Lee of the Indiana Judicial System. You don’t kick a man in the back, and you sure as hell don’t bring a tasseled loafer to a gun fight, judge. For his role in the fracas, Judge Adams pled guilty to a misdemeanor and served two days in jail. He also received a 60-day unpaid suspension from the bench; Judges Bell and Jacobs received 30-day unpaid suspensions from the bench. Both of the judges who were shot were hospitalized, but apparently were spared serious injuries. The shooter awaits trial on multiple charges, including attempted murder and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Since this is a politics blog: Judge Adams is a Democrat whose term ends in next year. Judge Jacobs does not have a party registration listed on his Ballotpedia page but is also up for reelection next year. Judge Bell is a registered Republican and is facing reelection in 2022.

Kidding (mostly) aside, I’m glad that nobody was seriously hurt, I’m glad that Indiana judges do not let partisanship keep them from getting howl-at-the-moon drunk and staying out all night, and I’m glad to see that our robed masters behave just as stupidly as the rest of us — well, at least I — do on business trip nights out.


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