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John Bolton: Free At Last

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[guest post by Dana]

Today, John Bolton, who hasn’t tweeted since Sept. 10, started his morning by posting a a couple of cryptic tweets:

Bolton, who has declined to testify at the impeachment inquiry, left the teaser sitting there. In the meantime, President Trump was asked during his call-in interview on Fox and Friends, whether he played a part in freezing Bolton’s Twitter account. The president denied any involvement:

“No, of course not,” Trump said. “I had a good relationship with John.”

He also admitted that he and Bolton had had their share of disagreements.

Just minutes ago, Bolton blamed the White House for his absence from Twitter:

Was the president lying about his involvement, or did his people make the decision to refuse Bolton access without Trump’s knowledge, thus making the president look unaware? Of course, the really important question is, will Bolton talk now??

Stay tuned…

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Trump Can’t Let Go of Crazy Conspiracy Theory Letting Russia off the Hook for the DNC Hack

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It’s like the expression of the faces of relatives around the Thanksgiving dinner table while the crazy uncle holds forth on chemtrails, except the crazy uncle can nuke you.

Also he can fire an FBI director and brag about how it’s a good thing he did because the FBI director was coming after him:

Well, so he’s corrupt domestically, but at least his foreign policy doesn’t suck, right?

Oh. I forgot he has to sell out the protesters in Hong Kong to try to get himself back to Square One, or something approaching it, in trade talks with China so he can declare a Big Win.

Four more years of this insanity? No thanks.

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