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Anthony Weiner Sentenced To Prison

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Anthony Weiner’s statement before a sentence of 21 months in prison was pronounced:

“I acted not only unlawfully but immorally, and if I had done the right thing, I would not be standing before you today,” he said, crying as he addressed the judge.

“The prosecutors are skeptical that I have truly changed and I don’t blame them,” he said. “I repeatedly acted in an obviously destructive way when I was caught.”

He then pled for probation:

“I victimized a young person who deserved better,” Weiner said in court. “I am not asking that I be trusted … I ask you for the opportunity on probation to keep my sworn oath.”

NYC mayor and former political rival Bill de Blasio commented that “…it’s time for us to all stop talking about it….Let’s leave his family in peace and let’s go on.”

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Hilarious: Anti-Strange Ad Uses Trump’s Backtracking Comments at Pro-Strange Rally

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With endorsers like this . . .

The ad is in YouTube’s list of top trending videos.

Trump said plenty of nice things about Luther Strange at his rally. But, as streiff has already noted, he also seemed to backtrack, saying things like “I might have made a mistake” endorsing Strange, and pledging to “campaign like hell” for Moore if he wins.

Trump, in the end, is about Trump. He knows that endorsing a man many see as Mitch McConnell’s water boy has hurt his standing with the voters of Alabama. He always wants to be on the winning side — whatever that is. So he ran his mouth and made some unscripted remarks that are now being exploited.

This is what you get when Donald Trump pledges his loyalty to you. You’ll have that loyalty, and it will be steady and rock-solid — right up until the day he decides it’s not good for him.

After that? Under the bus with you! And nobody will feel sorry for you, because you should have seen it coming.

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