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National Debt Passes $20 Trillion

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Only a few dinosaurs like me care about this. We want to avoid saddling our children with a crushing tax burden. But our time is past. The competing factions now consist of President Trump, who doesn’t give a crap about the debt, and the establishment GOP, which doesn’t give a crap about the debt.

Fans of one side will pretend to care as a way to blame the other, and vice versa. The comments to this post will be filled with that sort of talk. But that’s the standard partisan horse excrement, which is all anyone really cares about. Very few actually care about the issue as an issue. Most people will just cite the debt as a club to whack people they don’t like. Give them a chance to actually do something about it and they wouldn’t lift a finger.

Someone like me is a man without a party. The very few of you who actually truly care about this are men and women without a party as well.

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