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Trump: This Stupid President Should Have Issued a Better Travel Ban

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Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to complain about the U.S. President’s travel ban, which Trump said doesn’t go far enough.

If Trump feels this strongly about the matter, he should take his concerns to the President of the United States, who has the power to issue a larger, tougher, more specific ban.

I believe Trump has an unprecedented access to the man holding that office.

He can tell the President that the lower courts may be skeptical, but the Supreme Court has let the smaller, less tough, less specific ban remain in place for the most part. So why not do what you actually think is right? he should say.

In fact, Trump should march right into the Oval Office and say: Look here, Mr. President —

[This is the point at which Graham Chapman, dressed as a British army colonel, stands up and shouts: No, this is silly. The whole premise is silly and it’s very badly written!]

So let’s end the ironic tone, as I can’t really take it any further anyway.

Why is this guy acting like he’s not the President?

When you complain about something, but do nothing when you have the power to do so, some might conclude you don’t want to do it. For example: Republicans hilariously voted for ObamaCare repeal during Barack Obama’s presidency. But we now know that they never really wanted repeal. How do we know? Because they now have the power to pass that repeal, and they didn’t do it.

Trump has the power to issue a larger, tougher, more specific ban. (After all, the Supreme Court is backing his play on the existing one so far.) Yet he didn’t, for some reason. The logical conclusion is that he didn’t want to.

It’s laughable that he goes on Twitter to complain about his own inaction.

And this bit about political correctness — what is he even saying? Is he saying that he is sacrificing the country’s safety for the sake of political correctness? It’s kind of hard to read the tweet any other way.

After puzzling over this issue all morning for the last thirty seconds, I think I have figured out the problem. I think I know why Trump didn’t issue the more comprehensive travel ban that he says he himself should have issued. The reason is simple, if you think about it.

Chuck and Nancy didn’t go for it.

[Cross-posted at RedState and The Jury Talks Back.]

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