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Hillary and Democrats Are Dirty, Part XLVII

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Too many links to explore each thoroughly, but today (and recent days) resulted in a tsunami of stories about the dirty Hillary and Democrat machines. In a little while I will have a giant post about the new O’Keefe video, but let’s just look at some quick other highlights, shall we?

Confirmed: Clinton’s server had TOP SECRET/SCI info:

An email stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server contained information that was highly classified at the time it was sent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed on Monday.

According to FBI interview notes in its Clinton investigation released on Monday, “one of these e-mails was TOP SECRET/SCI at the time of transmission.”

The finding contradicts months of claims by Clinton, her campaign, and her political allies that she did not send or receive information that was classified at the time.

The TS/SCI designation is reserved for extremely sensitive national security information that can only be handled in secure settings such as Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIFs).

Bad! Then there’s this: according to more newly released documents, Patrick Kennedy, Undersecretary of State, contacted an FBI agent saying that he wanted the agent’s help in reclassifying classified emails as unclassified — and in return, the State Department “would reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in countries where they are presently forbidden.”

A quid pro quo was denied over the weekend, but what had not been denied was that one had been offered. Now we know one was.

Bad! Then there’s this: the Center for Public Integrity reports: Journalists shower Hillary Clinton with campaign cash:

In all, people identified in federal campaign finance filings as journalists, reporters, news editors or television news anchors — as well as other donors known to be working in journalism — have combined to give more than $396,000 to the presidential campaigns of Clinton and Trump, according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis.

Nearly all of that money — more than 96 percent — has benefited Clinton: About 430 people who work in journalism have, through August, combined to give about $382,000 to the Democratic nominee, the Center for Public Integrity’s analysis indicates.

About 50 identifiable journalists have combined to give about $14,000 to Trump.

Hardly shocking — to anyone, that is, besides the clueless Chris Cilizza at The Fix:

That was yesterday. Today?


I have a long post coming about James O’Keefe’s latest video in about half an hour. (It’s already up at RedState if you can’t wait.)

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  1. Ding.

    Patterico (bcf524)

  2. Off the top of my head math says the average Trump donation was about half the average Clinton donation. That’s a (very large) ballpark figure. Perhaps the Clinton folks know they need to obviously back the winner.

    Kishnevi (b4162e)

  3. I could be a full-time blogger and do nothing but write about Hillary’s shit all day every day.

    Same goes for Trump.

    They’re both SO AWFUL.

    Patterico (bcf524)

  4. they allow haiti to be looted, nigeria as well, consult world magazine, along with russian oligarchs, like the one who financed denton’s defense against hogan, where all the attention went to thiel,

    narciso (d1f714)

  5. lets put this into perspective, everyplace except animal planet, I haven’t checked they may have a feature goes with the squirrel,

    narciso (d1f714)

  6. I find it very hard to believe that CC doesn’t donate money to left of center causes. But if he is saying that journalists should not contribute money to political candidates, I am 100% with him.

    Simon Jester (c63397)

  7. chris cilizza is journolist, but he’s mostly harmless, but that’s not the point there is an integrated leviathan, media education, finance, some manufacturing, that operate as one self perpetuating organism, occasionally they are thwarted as in brexit or recently with the recoil from the surrender to the guerillas in colombia, but they persist,

    narciso (d1f714)

  8. When Hillary becomes POTUS you and everybody else who is on the anybody but Trump bandwagon will own the disaster in fee simple, you know. You’re young enough you’ll get to enjoy the full fruits of her victory, too. I’m not. This played out costing Goldwater the position decades ago. This is a morbidly fascinating slow motion train wreck with good people being cozened into doing very foolish things.

    (sigh) Been through this once, the tea shirt is kinda moth eaten. I don’t want a new one.


    JDow (144a11)

  9. narcisco,

    I don’t think it’s harmless for a reporter at The Fix/Washington Post to be making such claims. It speaks to his utter ignorance of the evidence we’ve seen all along, and/or his explicit dishonesty. Neither is a good quality for a journalist. Especially one parked at an influential and widely-read media outlet.

    Dana (d17a61)

  10. They may both be awful, but they’re not the same.

    crazy (d3b449)

  11. I really like this meme

    Dustin (ba94b2)

  12. Wasn’t Chris Cillizza the guy who wrote an article whining about paranoid right-wingers pushing conspiracies about Hillary’s health the week before he published an article about how she collapsed at the 9/11 memorial?

    CayleyGraph (353727)

  13. Sad, Dustin. All our friends here who complain about our kids being brainwashed with “leftist” values would rather have them being available for rich old degenerates like Trump to prey on.

    nk (dbc370)

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    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  15. Chrissy Cillizza is a left wing hack. He just puts on a “I’m a journalist — I’m impartial!!*&^!!” face when he knows the teacher is watching.
    But when the teacher has her back turned, he’s shooting spit-wads through a straw.

    Cruz Supporter (102c9a)

  16. He’s mostly harmless like a baby vogon. Yes because they switched out the motherboard she’s ok now.

    narciso (d1f714)

  17. About 50 identifiable journalists have combined to give about $14,000 to Trump.

    If they work for any of the MSM organizations, their job prospects just evaporated.

    Kevin M (25bbee)


    I’m clearly partisan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know how these national security investigations are run. If you’re going to get a conviction for a violation of the Espionage Act you have to be able to convince people who may not share your views. So the investigation must be clearly untainted by partisanship. I know this. And I don’t want to represent myself as something
    I’m not, unlike Comey. Like Comey, I was never an investigator. I was a naval intelligence officer, an analyst, and consequently someone who held a TS/SCI clearance. I was also at various points in my career an Assistant Special Security Officer or Special Security Officer (ASSO/SSO) which meant I was responsible for personnel security. As in, who should have access granted or on the other hand suspended or revoked because they’ve demonstrated they can’t be trusted. This brought me into contact with NCIS, as did the fact I was brought back into active duty following 9/11 specifically for the purpose of providing intel support to force protection. So I’ve seen how NCIS, and I’m going to lump them into a group called “the feds” as they all operate the same way, conduct investigations.

    This is not freaking it.

    …“We didn’t search their house. We always search the house. The search should not just have been for private electronics, which contained classified material, but even for printouts of such material,” he said.

    “There should have been a complete search of their residence,” the agent pointed out. “That the FBI did not seize devices is unbelievable. The FBI even seizes devices that have been set on fire.”

    You’ve all seen it on TV. The feds marching out of houses with boxes of evidence. Nobody ever gets immunity in exchange for that. The feds go to a judge, swear out the reasons for what must be searched, for what physical evidence, and invariably the judge rubberstamps their rationale. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong. It’s just what it is. But here we have Comey trying to voxsplain me that they needed to immunize high ranking Hillary!aides to gain possession of their computers.

    My jaw hit the deck. I’ve never heard of this. I’ve certainly never seen it. It doesn’t mean it never happened, but I think if It had I would have heard of it. I used to get briefed on these things, and I’ve never heard of it.

    I recall one incident where there quarterdeck watch at a command which will go unmentioned caught a Lieutenant, who will also go unmentioned, walking out with a classified document. The Navy was willing to let it slide if, a big if, she would cooperate in the investigation and could demonstrate it was just a one-time anomaly. She wasn’t in the habit of removing classified material from their place of proper storage. And that meant, searching her residence.

    We didn’t believe it was her first time. It could have been, we were open to the possibility, but the odds were heavily against it. I’m using the royal we here, as I didn’t search her apartment, but we searched her house and, guess what? We found a stash of classified. Speaking royally, she was screwed.

    That’s the kind of skepticism any responsible investigator investigating any crime, not just violations of the Espionage Act, is supposed to hold to. They might be telling you the truth but people lie so check it out. Comey operated on the opposite assumption. They’re telling the truth so don’t check it out. this is the hallmark of a corrupt non-investigation designed to avoid the truth at all costs.

    Another sign is how the investigation didn’t expand and look into other affiliated crimes. That always happens as investigators discover new evidence, which uncover new leads. Just like
    someone who commits a national security crime against the United States isn’t
    normally discovered the first time they do it, they don’t normally violate just one statute. Yet Comey remained corruptly uncurious about all of this.

    Not like America by and large cares. But people like me, who aren’t few, can still talk about the standards to which we held each other. And Hillary!, Comey, and the entire DoJ just gave the finger to all of it.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  19. Podesta: “Doofus Bernie Sanders.”

    “And the hits just keep on coming.” – Lt. Daniel Kaffee [Tom Cruise] – A Few Good Men [1992]

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  20. In a weird way, Trump being master of Twitter has lulled whatever sense of outrage one may have over all these email leaks. If Trump thinks out loud, we know about instantaneously, whereas these Dem snippets happened in A-B emails which are only now being released. H was perhaps the smart one not to be an avid adopter of social media, in that these things happening in real time would have doomed her sooner in the campaign.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  21. DCSCA, your allusions are lost on me as I stopped going to movies about 10 years before I cancelled my cable. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  22. Last movie I saw in theater was “Junior” with Emma Thompson Danny Devito and Schwarzenegger.

    Kishnevi (55d84d)

  23. @21. See the play.

    DCSCA (797bc0)

  24. Until my daughter started growing out of Pixar offerings into Star Wars and Marvel, the only way I caught a movie of recent vintage from about 2006 to 2012 was if it been the offering on an upper-tier Mexican intercity bus i.e. Primera Plus (back when I would visit the ex’s hometown). Even then Im happy with what comes across TNT after the L & O bloc has wrapped up on Saturday.

    urbanleftbehind (5eecdb)

  25. Ok. I’m back. The proprietor knows who I am. I’m now a retired federal prosecutor, having left DOJ in 2013 after 22 years, and am in private practice where I live. I have a specific and significant connection to the FBI which I will not describe further, and I have close friends who know Comey and have worked with Comey when he was at DOJ.

    This was not an “investigation”. This was an exercise all working towards exoneration.

    The FBI did not cut the deal over the computers with the defense lawyers. Investigating agents, FBI or otherwise, almost never have substantive discussions about the case with defense attorneys of targets. Such discussions always run through the prosecutors assigned to the investigation. A grand jury matter only gets opened through DOJ, the FBI cannot do so itself. With the grand jury comes subpoena power, both for records and testimony.

    The FBI cannot seek a search warrant on their own — it has to get to the Federal District Court Judge through a DOJ prosecutor who reviews the warrant and affidavit, and confirms for the Court usually by initialing or singing “Approved” that in the view of DOJ there is “probable cause” for the warrant to issue.

    That the FBI didn’t use any of these investigative tools is not an indictment of the FBI. I guarantee you the agents wanted to use the tools they always use — but those tools were denied to them by DOJ lawyers.

    But line prosecutors would not make that call — that call would come from DOJ managers much higher up than the DOJ Trial Attorneys who work individual cases. Not all DOJ managers are political appointees — but just about every senior DOJ manager in the 7th year of a two term Administration is going to owe their position to a “patron” for having been promoted to that spot.

    Here’s what I mean — senior “career” managers at DOJ get promoted up the ranks into those positions. In the first or second year of the Obama Admin., most of the career managers were promoted into those spots by political appointees during the Bush Admin. But as the years go by, and all the political appointee jobs are in the hands of Obama appointees, those career positions turnover and the newly promoted career folks tend to have political views that align with the political views of the political appointees. 7+ years into the Obama Admin, when the email investigation got started, all those senior “Career” managers in the Lynch Justice Dept were put there by Obama political appointees. And that’s where the “decision making” in DOJ takes place.

    What was the “line” that Clinton tried to use to describe what the FBI was doing? She called it a “Security Review”. Comey made a comment that the FBI doesn’t do “Security Reviews”, and blew that out of the water.

    But you know who else doesn’t do “Security reviews”??? Grand juries don’t do “security reviews”. Grand juries investigate federal crimes, and nothing else.

    And Federal Judges don’t issue search warrants as part of “Security Reviews” — they issue search warrants in connection with criminal investigations, nothing else.

    So, if there had been a grand jury convened, or if a search warrant had been sought, then Clinton’s cover story during the primaries that this was a “security review” would have been blown. DOJ went along with this, but allowed the half-step of having the FBI conduct its “investigation” while denying them the tools they usually employ.

    I can 100% guarantee you that the immunity deals and the written agreements to destroy the computers were signed by DOJ lawyers, not the FBI. I’m waiting for Congress to make them public — which is exactly why DOJ has not yet turned them over. The FBI is in the process of releasing its entire file, but that is not the same as DOJ’s file. At this point the public is still completely in the dark with regard to the level and extent of communications between Clinton’s legal team and the DOJ attorneys. I’m certain the goal is to get past the election before that information gets out, because it will reveal exactly how duplicitous DOJ acted in undermining the FBI in simply doing their job.

    What the Democrats should fear, IMO, knowing what I know about him, is that Comey will resign shortly after the election, and then reveal all he knows about the entire fiasco.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  26. shipwreckedcrew, just in case it counts with anybody, please review what I’ve said about this farce and find all the fault you can.

    Steve57 (0b1dac)

  27. Good to see you again, shipwreckedcrew. And good insight.

    Leviticus (03bf59)

  28. 25. Reading this, it all seems to be coming together. None of this had made much sense… I didn’t want to believe that the FBI could be thoroughly politicized and compromised like it had appeared.

    The Left will bum-rush their way to power, by any means necessary.

    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  29. Is there a foul lie this President won’t utter? How low this man has brought the office.

    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  30. How low this man has brought the office.

    So low that this election was possible.

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  31. What the Democrats should fear, IMO, knowing what I know about him, is that Comey will resign shortly after the election

    Why would he not do it three days before?

    Kevin M (25bbee)

  32. And Clinton will take it to a belly-scraping low.

    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  33. shipwreckedcrew,
    thank you for stopping by and educating us.
    One of the stories I saw today said that the FBI rank and file was pretty well fed up, to the point that people had sought legal advice before going public in some way.

    Do you have any idea if we are going to see some agents or recently retired/resigned agents stand up and speak out, even if it means a heck of a lot of trouble for them?

    And if so, we need to start a go-fund-me or other campaign to show our gratitude.

    Of course, if wikileaks does the job for them…

    This is a bit like a suspense novel racing towards a conclusion,
    we don’t know what the next shoe to drop on Trump will be,
    we don’t know what the next wikileaks or other document dump will mean for Clinton,
    will the ship go down because of multiple wounds of attack,
    or will there be a direct hit on the weapons magazine and blow the thing out of the watwr
    (please forgive my military cultural appropriation there, Steve57)

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  34. Remarkably, we learn of these discrepancies from normal prosecutorial procedure from Steve and shipwreckedcrew, but not a word from our Congressional Delegations. Do Republican Congressmen and Senators have any idea of what’s going on? And if so, why isn’t this scandal the number one talking point of what is supposed to be a party presenting a countervailing political ideology? And Mr. Trump also has a bully pulpit which could be used to good effect. Does he understand the significance of this dereliction of duty by those we entrust to enforce our laws?

    The contrast between the DOJ’s behavior in the Clinton incident and its lynching of Senator Stevens is breathtaking. We have been sailing in uncharted waters for almost a decade now.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  35. Has anyone noticed a combined group of republicans coming out with the same talking points to condemn these actions. You know, all saying the same catch words or phrases continuously day after day. You know, like the democrats. I hear a few chirps here and there, but mainly crickets. Shameful and not worth voting for.

    mg (31009b)

  36. we are told there is no need for that mg,

    narciso (d1f714)

  37. Good points, Bob and mg

    I have to think that if repubs meant 1/2 of what they say, they would be running town halls all of the time in their areas and making clear discussion of the known facts

    but they don’t
    do they not really mean what they say,
    or are they just afraid of counterattack?

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  38. They’re working on their re-elections which means focusing their attacks on their own opponents. Moreover, attacks on Hillary will necessarily bring Trump into the conversation. It’s better for them to pretend that Hillary and Trump do not exist.

    nk (dbc370)

  39. “Hi, I’m your Republican Congressman/Senator. I’m running for re-election, but what is more important is that Donald Trump become President and not Hillary Clinton.”

    What do you think?

    nk (dbc370)

  40. chamber of commerce hacks are more of a threat than a thousand joe the plumbers to these self serving elected officials.

    mg (31009b)

  41. based on the promises that they followed through on, pull my finger again,

    narciso (d1f714)

  42. Never you mind the Republican Congressional people.
    Why not the Trump campaign?

    But I suppose that would require staff who know what they are doing.

    But the candidate goes around making speeches and tweets aboit the

    Kishnevi (480bf9)

  43. It is also true that Comey had a duty to the people, whom he nominally serves, to explain why the FBI “investigation” was nothing but Kabuki Theatre designed to give the media material to that could be used to exonerate Clinton.

    We expected much more of 18 year olds drafted into the military. And they, in large measure, have never let us down. If they had, we never would have gotten to this point. How sad it is to see these modern-day cowards assume the trappings of leaders of the “free world”.

    Kevin’s recommendation of Term Limits is both timely and telling.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  44. I was talking about how corrupt comey and the fib are, nk. I think they could easily speak of displeasure daily without interfering with those two baby ruth’s floating in a pool.

    mg (31009b)

  45. Hit the wrong button…
    ….speeches and tweets about a rigged system, and here we have a specific example of rigging the result, directly tied to Hillary… and a vast silence from el Tupe.

    Kishnevi (480bf9)

  46. Project Veritas has these lefties talking about and admitting voter fraud… in their own words and some of these news whoahs (Heidi Przybyla of USA Today, I’m talking about you) try to kill the messenger. The ones that even deign to comment about it. Pathetic.

    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  47. well she’s probably tried the risotto,

    narciso (d1f714)

  48. remember this twittering twink, formerly with the dnc,

    narciso (d1f714)

  49. I’m not talking so much about now, nk,
    but about the last many years, which gave rise to now.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  50. Trey Dowdy held hearings and grilled Comey who masterfully stonewalled him. I did not watch them.

    nk (dbc370)

  51. I learned about them from fragments in the news.

    nk (dbc370)

  52. and how effective was that, judicial watch did the heavy lifting,

    narciso (d1f714)

  53. Exactly. If a deaf man falls in a forest, does he make a sound?

    nk (dbc370)

  54. MD — the rank and file IS fed up. I expect that arrangements are being put in place now for several agents to be subpoenaed when Congress is back in session, probably between the election and the inauguration. These will be “friendly” subpoenas — but getting the cover of subpoena means the agents are forced to talk. They are happy to talk, but they want to be “compelled” to do so.

    Agents are able to retire at 50 if they have 25 years of service. So any agent who was involved in the investigation, and who is eligible to retire, will likely depart in the aftermath of any testimony.

    All will be represented by counsel, and I think there are plenty of sympathetic political organizations to cover their legal fees.

    Frankly, I think Comey’s decision to publicly announce the decision, and to then answer questions about the case before Congress were done in a calculated manner such that others coming after him won’t be hamstrung by the DOJ rule to not speak about investigations that don’t result in charges. Everyone should be pretty much liberated from that rule given what Comey did.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  55. Thank you, swc,
    I wish it could happen before the election,an Obama Democrat is still an Obama Democrat, even if not a Clinton, I would not be a bit relieved for Clinton to be forced to step down and Kaine elevated to the presidency

    I guess Comey and co strung out their fiasco long enough so that Congress had little chance to organize the next phase

    but then again, I don’t get it, if this was the situation, the FBI investigators must have known what was coming long before Comey made his announcement, did nobody in the House or Senate know to call people earlier? Did they know but for fear or whatever enabled the masquerade?

    It is like the classic movie or story where one day you wake up and discover that everything has been a sham

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  56. Within a week of the announcement that Clinton would not be prosecuted, all FBI agents received an instruction to submit to mandatory training on handling classified information. It went into great detail about all the “do’s” and “dont’s” for handling classified information. A lot of “dont’s” were things Clinton had done.

    At the very end, agents were forced to acknowledge by clicking a “Yes” button on the computer screen that they understood the rules, and they understood that they could be prosecuted for violation of the rules.

    Agents refer to this as the “You’re Not Hillary” training video.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591)

  57. An email stored on Hillary Clinton’s private email server contained information that was highly classified at the time it was sent, the Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed on Monday.

    That e-mail was sent in 2014, which raises all sorts of interesting questions.

    Patrick Kennedy, Undersecretary of State, contacted an FBI agent saying that he wanted the agent’s help in reclassifying classified emails as unclassified

    he also wanted to mark another e-mail as super-classified – in the same category with sensitive geographic information – it would be placed in the archives and never looked at again.

    Sammy Finkelman (22cc00)

  58. Inside job is the only way to get our country back.

    mg (31009b)

  59. “Masterfully”. There’s that word again. Only creeps characterize obfuscation and lies in that manner.

    Colonel Haiku (7967f2)

  60. 34. BobStewartatHome (a52abe) — 10/18/2016 @ 5:05 pm

    Remarkably, we learn of these discrepancies from normal prosecutorial procedure from Steve and shipwreckedcrew, but not a word from our Congressional Delegations. Do Republican Congressmen and Senators have any idea of what’s going on?

    I’ve been wondering at that since the 1990s, because some of these things, like the story of the Waco fire, and the Vincent Foster death, are so obvious to me. My conclusion is that people are more stupid than you think, and easily manipulated, and if they are motivated to investigate, they can be gotten to go on the wrong track.

    Also maybe they get told special lies that will convince just them.

    And some of them, like Senator Alphone M. D’Amato, were secret political allies of Bill Clinton.

    42. Kishnevi (480bf9) — 10/18/2016 @ 5:23 pm

    Never you mind the Republican Congressional people.

    Why not the Trump campaign?

    But I suppose that would require staff who know what they are doing.

    I think you put your finger on it there. That applies to Congress too, and the media.

    And honest people get made afraid of trafficking in conspiracy theories. Dishonest, or careless, people, will grab at anything that comes to hand.

    It’s not a question of conspiracy theories. That the truth amounts to a conspiracy theory, there should be no doubt.

    It’s a question of the right conspiracy theory. And there are plenty of false, even ridiculous ones, that have been sent circulating. They are part of the cover-up. That’s why I fight them.

    Sammy Finkelman (22cc00)

  61. shipwreckedcrew (56b591) — 10/18/2016 @ 3:23 pm

    I can 100% guarantee you that the immunity deals and the written agreements to destroy the computers were signed by DOJ lawyers, not the FBI.

    This is something that, once said, makes sense to mne, and I never heard before.

    These immunity deals were very peculiar. The immunity deal applied just to talking to the FBI, but did not apply to Congress, so they could still take the 5th amendment, and nobody was asked questions about how the server was set up and maintained, and the FBI actually agreed to destroy material that was under Congressional subpoena!

    Without even looking at it first. (that is, any e-mails dated later than January 15, 2015 – and we know some e-mail was belatedly deleted.)

    The Clinton people could not legall destroy subpoenaed material themselves, so they got the FBI to do it.

    The only issue the investigation looked into was if any of the material was, or should have been classified.

    What the Democrats should fear, IMO, knowing what I know about him, is that Comey will resign shortly after the election, and then reveal all he knows about the entire fiasco.

    Maybe you know things about Comey that aren’t true. I mean all about his honesty and integrity.

    shipwreckedcrew (56b591) — 10/18/2016 @ 5:43 pm:

    Frankly, I think Comey’s decision to publicly announce the decision, and to then answer questions about the case before Congress were done in a calculated manner such that others coming after him won’t be hamstrung by the DOJ rule to not speak about investigations that don’t result in charges.

    I don’t think so. I think everything he said was done with the consent and approval of Hillary Clinton’s lawyers. (He said nobody at DPJ knew what he was going to say. He didn’t say nobody else was told.)

    It sets no precedent for talking without the approval both of superiors at DOJ AND defense counsel.

    Sammy Finkelman (22cc00)

  62. nk, 10/18/2016 @ 5:19 pm

    They’re working on their re-elections

    Indeed. And that is the only thing they are working on. Worse, they are doing it poorly. We have been losing the battle of ideas ever since Reagan, and Reagan was the first Republican President since Lincoln to engage the Democrats on the basis of conservative ideals and principles. To spend your campaign calling your opponent names, while failing to educate the electorate on the bigger issues, is both a tactical and a strategic failure. Promising to eliminate waste and fraud while the country is headed for a train wreck in the very near future should be taken for what it is, idiocy. If our “representatives” are so blind as to be unable to see the value of undermining the entire progressive project, which includes centralizing power at the expense of the Rule of Law, then we really don’t need them.

    At the very least they could recite the Gettysburg Address at every opportunity, and then ask whether we’ve spent enough of the last seven score and thirteen years advancing the principles of our new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

    When someone mentions the Civil Rights movement of the sixties, they could reply that this was simply to regain what had been lost in the intervening years to Democrat corruption. Which would, alas, leave most recent public school graduates puzzled if not bewildered. But they would have spent only a few minutes getting to this point, and they could use the remaining time to teach some history, or arithmetic … either would be beneficial and probably of interest to our younger citizens.

    BobStewartatHome (a52abe)

  63. So Rubio is telling us now not to listen to Wikileaks. Seems to be like he’d rather be part of the governing class than see any truth come out.

    Gabriel Hanna (64d4e1)

  64. Gabriel, I come to agree with you more as time goes on:

    So Rubio is telling us now not to listen to Wikileaks. Seems to be like he’d rather be part of the governing class than see any truth come out.

    Gabriel Hanna (64d4e1) — 10/19/2016 @ 8:19 am

    Steven Malynn (5c1dae)

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