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Sheila Jackson Lee, Co-Sponsor of Resolution to Impeach Bush: “We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush”

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The House voted yesterday to authorize a lawsuit against Obama for unilaterally changing the date by which businesses must comply with the provisions of ObamaCare. Democrats raised a lot of money recently by comparing this to impeachment — so naturally Big Media makes this, not about the merits of the lawsuit, but about whether conservatives are ruling out impeachment. Just look at Dana Milbank’s column, which doesn’t even tell you what the proposed lawsuit is about — but spends the whole column discussing whether the lawsuit is a stalking horse for impeachment.

Conservatives, for their part, are refusing to let Big Media set the narrative for them, and focusing on Obama’s unconstitutional actions dutifully falling in line with the Big Media narrative, and making this all about impeachment — with the True Conservatives pushing it, and the Pragmatists worried about the effects it might have on mid-term elections.

I will admit that my kneejerk reaction was that the suit was a dodge for a body unwilling to take on Obama for his excesses. But a kneejerk reaction is not always the right one. If you’re interested in the actual merits of the suit, and reading some reasons why the arguments you’ve heard against it might not be right, here’s a primer from National Review. Short version: contra what you may have heard, courts are sometimes willing to take on these issues (see the recent Supreme Court decision on recess appointments as one example), and why not sue in addition to other possible remedies? My view is: there’s no need to run down a possibly successful tactic until you have fully examined it.

Anyway, as interesting as the impeachment debate might be, we might consider focusing on what the lawsuit is about: Obama’s usurping of the legislative function. Or, you can just keep on playing into the lefty Big Media narrative and talk impeachment, impeachment, impeachment. Your choice — but as Simon Jester often says, think twice before doing something that makes David Axelrod smile.

In the meantime, here’s some good fun: Sheila Jackson Lee proclaiming yesterday that Democrats did not seek to impeach Bush.

I ask my colleagues to oppose this resolution for it is in fact a veiled attempt for impeachment and it undermines the law that allows a president to do his job. A historical fact that President Bush pushed this nation into a war that had little to do with apprehending terrorists. We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush, because as an executive, he had his authority. President Obama has the authority.

As BuzzFeed noted, Sheila Jackson Lee was a co-sponsor of Dennis Kucinich’s resolution to impeach Bush for leading us into the Iraq War.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.30.05 AM

The surprise is not that they lie, but that they are so laughably bad at it.

35 Responses to “Sheila Jackson Lee, Co-Sponsor of Resolution to Impeach Bush: “We did not seek an impeachment of President Bush””

  1. Ding.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  2. Nancy Piglosi repeated this lie yesterday.

    Hadoop (f7d5ba)

  3. Poor memory and short attention spans are two reasons why some people become Liberals. Therefore, neither Jackson-Lee or Piglosi are capable of uttering a lie under the legal definition of a lie.

    Michael M. Keohane (650ebb)

  4. Therefore, neither Jackson-Lee or Piglosi are capable of uttering a lie under the legal definition of a lie.

    Garbage! They know that the make believe media will cover their @$$3$. If there’s no consequences for your actions, why not lie?

    Hadoop (f7d5ba)

  5. Give her a break! She had absolutely no idea what that bill was about that she co-sponsored because she does not read bills and besides she was flattered that someone asked to use her name on something.

    elissa (b9af8b)

  6. To be fair, she is profoundly ignorant.

    JD (bc4a34)

  7. The woman clearly has the attention span f an overripe grapefruit, and expects that everyone else does too.

    C. S. P. Schofield (e8b801)

  8. Defiantly NOT the sharpest knife in the drawer. Even a butter knife has a better edge than this twit…

    Fred Zeppelin (5bf239)

  9. When the essence of your political philosophy is greed and envy, there’s really no need to remember anything. Every morning you can wake up and find a new reason to be aggrieved. Your neighbor, for example, may have planted tomatos in late May and now she is starting to harvest those delicious little morsels. And she even shares some with you. But she has so many and you have only what she gives you. This is slavery at its worst! As long as the Jackson-Lee’s of this world have a comfortable majority in their districts, beating that old drum works just fine. But if you want to join the gravy train just be sure that you bleat louder than anyone else. It’s a dog eat dog world.

    bobathome (5ccbd8)

  10. Charter Members of the “Loony-Tune Left” Caucus.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  11. elissa (b9af8b) — 7/31/2014 @ 8:16 am

    Somebody should come out with rolls of TP imprinted with those names, on every sheet.

    askeptic (efcf22)

  12. Now there’s a lady in desperate need of an elevator ride with Ray Rice.

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  13. or solange

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  14. Sheila Jackson Lee is the kind of girl who gives the other 5% a bad reputation.

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  15. Hear, hear!

    I have many issues with the Republican Party; not least among them is the lack of imagination. Just because some strategies fail, sometimes rather spectacularly, doesn’t mean we should be afraid of our own shadow. More lawsuits, please!

    But I think its okay for Republicans to talk about impeachment. The panicked reaction among many in the party to Sarah Palin’s suggestion that impeachment be used against a President who has no compunction about violating his oath of office is a fine example of the reflexive timidity I abhor. With support for impeachment polling at roughly 2/3 of registered Republican voters, impeachment should be on the table and widely discussed.

    But there’s another reason. With Obama ratcheting up the lawlessness – and in countless other ways alienating the electorate – support for impeachment will only grow. At this moment in time, Obama seems disoriented; surrounded only by sycophants and acolytes, he will continue to make poor choices. Sarah Palin is a bright, media savvy woman; she clearly understands this dynamic and stands to capitalize on it. She’s way ahead of the impeachment issue, while most in the Party lag behind. Today you may think her a fool, but tomorrow she will be viewed as prescient. Too many in the Republican Party fall in line with Big Media’s Sarah Palin narrative and are blinded by it. It’s a shame.

    Sheila Jackson Lee makes Todd Akin look like a Rhodes Scholar, a fact that the MSM has done its best to hide. If only they would do their job. I guess they aren’t Rhodes Scholars either.

    ThOR (130453)

  16. Impeachment would be appropriate if this president were white. He knows that, not only will Senate Democrats never vote for this, but that his base, some of which is white, would never vote to impeach the first…..

    You know the rest. I wonder how the courts would enforce a decision against him? “The court has made its decision. Now let them enforce it.”

    All we can do is bide the time until 2017 and hope for the best. Voting, of course.

    MikeK (b5c01a)

  17. I wonder if any of the people that voted for her work, read or write.

    mg (31009b)

  18. How tremendously embarrassing.

    Leviticus (474b53)

  19. “The surprise is not that they lie, but that they are so laughably bad at it.”

    They don’t have to be good: The news media cover for them, and the educational system turns out kids who are too ignorant and prejudiced to notice the lies.

    pst314 (ae6bd1)

  20. Impeachment would only be appropriate if the President were a Republican, didn’t you learn your lesson from the Clinton impeachment? Heck if I was a GOP congresscritter I would go on record with: “Impeach President Obama? No, the GOP learned it’s lesson when we had Clinton dead to rights committing and suborning perjury, destroying evidence and so forth but the press made us out to be the bad guys. To be clear – Obama can be stark raving made and running around Pennsylvania Avenue in his underwear while gunning down random passersby and it the Democratic Party which has the responsibility to impeach him.”

    max (4fdf98)

  21. as a cowardly sleazy classless whore Barack Obama perfectly captures the quintessence of America

    he’s unimpeachable cause if we impeach him we’ll just have to replace him with his doppleganger

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  22. in America, electing trash like Obama is like trying to put a round peg in a round hole

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  23. here is a diagram for Sheila

    O -> O

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  24. Maybe if we just named a hurricane Shaniqua this lady would shut the fugg up!

    Peter (1d4db1)

  25. That isn’t a lady.

    ropelight (51274f)

  26. it’s dangerous to name hurricanes after girls cause of people are less likely to take them seriously

    it’s true i read it on the internet

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  27. typical Democrat, sh*t for brains…

    Colonel Haiku (ffa369)

  28. wildly OT: It’s our host’s birthday today, if Facebook it to believed.

    happy happy jopy joy, Pat, and thanks again for this blog.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  29. birthday tacos!

    happyfeet (8ce051)

  30. Happy Birthday to our host!

    felipe (960c75)

  31. Painted Jaguar: I know you expect me to wax eloquent, but this stuff is starting to affect me like kryptonite affects Superman. (I can’t even remember if that should be affect, effect, or one of each…)
    It’s like what I saw last week on Greta, some Dem person saying that criticism of the President should stop at the border, it’s not right to criticize a president about how he is conducting a war…
    I didn’t know if I should have dropped off of my tree branch with laughter or groan and barf like after eating too much decaying Anaconda.
    Really, his claim was that only extremists criticized Bush, not top military people like the Marine Commandant.
    Well, he was right if you narrow it to, “Did the marine commandant criticize President Bush?”
    Of course, maybe President Bush didn’t deserve it. (I do believe John F. Kerry had a thing going about quoting any general he could find that had any disagreement with Bush, BTW).

    With all that you folks are having to put up with up north, I’m glad that the worst thing I have to worry about is getting porcupine quills in my paddy-paw.
    That, and hoping I get satellite TV by the time Mark Steyn’s court case goes live on pay-per-view.

    Painted Jaguar (a sockpuppet) (f9371b)

  32. Hmmm–the moonbat trolls don’t seem to want to jump in on this one. Can’t imagine why. . .

    M. Scott Eiland (15aac4)

  33. Lying is something only white people do. To claim that Shelia Jackson lied is racist and you all should be ashamed.

    highpockets (04c3e7)

  34. They even have their own wiki. Efforts to impeach George W. Bush

    papertiger (c2d6da)

  35. I agree with our host that “The surprise is not that they [Sheila Jackson Lee and her ilk] lie, but that they are so laughably bad at it.”

    And the tragedy is that the people who vote for them not only fail to hold them accountable for their lies, but rather welcome them gratefully.

    Beldar (fa637a)

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