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Kochs to Buy LAT?

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Ace, on the rumors floating about that the Koch brothers are considering buying the L.A. Times:

If they buy this thing, I’d suggest they ask Mickey Kaus and Patrick Frey for some critiques of the paper as it currently stands.

Thanks for the mention. I’ll get to my critique, but let me clear my throat and have a sip of water first.

Ahem. OK, I’m ready.

My critique is as follows: take a wrecking ball to the place.

You’re welcome.

Popehat: “I Represent the Inexpressible Joy of Ridiculing Feckless Legal Bullies”

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Sometimes, you see a set of articles and posts that makes you want to do a thorough examination of a First Amendment issue, and mock someone who makes silly legal threats.

And then, sometimes, you see that someone has already done such a post, saving you the effort. Which is kinda nice, and a definite timesaver!

For now, I will tease the post with these two actual quotes:

[SILLY PERSON MAKING SILLY LEGAL THREATS:] I have no idea what you are talking about, who you are or who you represent.
Please therefor, [sic] do not respond again [sic]

Followed by this response:

[KEN FROM POPEHAT:] For the record: I am Ken, I am talking about the threats y’all sent, and I represent the inexpressible joy of ridiculing feckless legal bullies.

More here.

UPDATE: And, because Ken is on fire, here’s another post where he responds to a spammer. Line of the day: “[M]ay I presume you will be using Comic Sans?” (More on Comic Sans in the always reliable Wikipedia.)

Video: Brett Kimberlin Sent Photographer to BlogBash

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The antics of the Brett Kimberlin crazies took another step into real life at BlogBash, when Brett Kimberlin sent a loony photographer to stalk the attendees. On Friday, conservative blogger and BlogBash attendee Yid With Lid published photos of the photographer. Here is one:

More pictures at Yid With Lid’s post.

Yid With Lid also revealed that the photographer told him who had sent him: “Eventually he admitted who sent him to BlogBash —Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber.”

Bill Schmalfeldt, the editor of the Kimberlin-related site Breitbart Unmasked, opined on Twitter that Yid With Lid must be lying, because Brett Kimberlin would not be so foolish as to send a photographer who would stand out in the open and take pictures:

Think again, Schmalfeldt. Breitbart Unmasked yesterday published a post (no links for stalkers) that confirmed Yid With Lid’s post, by publishing a video taken by the photographer. While I won’t link the post, I will embed the video so you can see for yourself a) Kimberlin’s stalking behavior and b) the “professionalism” of the photographer.

The Kimberlin folks will call this “journalism.” Watch it and decide for yourself. The photographer screams at passersby: “Warning! Right-wing CPAC maggots! Woot Woot!” He talks about how he is going to “freak out” the people inside and runs up to the window to take a picture. He screams about his “freedom and liberty!!!” to take pictures on the sidewalk, and cackles. He shouts at Ted Cruz when he comes out of the venue, asking him what Jesus would cut from the budget. And so forth.

At one point near the end of the video you see Stacy McCain, Mandy Nagy (Liberty Chick), Lee Stranahan, and others taking pictures of the photographer. At this point he declines to say who he’s working for. Proof Yid With Lid was lying?! Um, not exactly. Earlier in the video you see Jeff Dunetz, the Yid With Lid blogger, taking a picture of the photograher. The sound goes out for a few seconds. I assume this is when the photographer admitted Kimberlin had sent him.

Isn’t stalking fun when it goes from the Internet into real life?

P.S. There is a very amusing post I may write about “Texas Tim,” the Breitbart Unmasked commenter whose function is to show up on every post and profess inside knowledge of any given situation. Texas Tim is not only a laughable fabulist, he is provably tied to Kimberlin. Let me know if you’re interested in reading such a post.

UPDATE: Link to Yid With Lid fixed. Sorry for the mixup.

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