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Prop. 8 Defender Reacts to Yesterday’s Vaughn Walker Email Exposé

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I spoke today to Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage, to get his reaction to yesterday’s publication of emails showing Vaughn Walker checking with the pro-gay marriage side concerning whether Walker should attend the upcoming gay marriage arguments in the Supreme Court.

Brown said: “it makes you wonder whether other collusion was going on.” He said that whether or not any ethical rules were technically violated, the emails are “not appropriate in any way, shape, or form.” Brown said that these emails were just another example of Walker’s inappropriate behavior with respect to the case, from his failure to disclose his relationship with a man until after the trial to his decision to broadcast the trial publicly, which the Supreme Court halted as improper.

Brown laughed when I asked him if he was aware whwther the judge had made similar inquiries to anyone defending Prop. 8. Brown said that if Chuck Cooper had received such a request, “people would have heard about it. I don’t think there’s any love lost for Chuck Cooper” on Walker’s part, he said.

Brown said he is “very interested to see if this is the tip of the iceberg.”

And of course it may be. If Vaughn (who has not contacted me or to my knowledge disputed the emails’ authenticity) feels certain that these are the only emails that will emerge, that certainty may be misplaced.

You have not heard the last of this story. The Prop. 8 Legal Defense Fund blasted out the news in a mass email yesterday, and Brown said he plans to mention the controversy in an appearance on Fox News tomorrow. We got a flaming skull yesterday from Ace, and links from Breitbart, Hot Air, Ed Whelan at NRO, and others. The San Francisco Chronicle has a blog entry about it here. I have a feeling word will continue to spread.

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