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Evening in Rancho Palos Verdes

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Taken at the Forrestal Nature Preserve tonight, with an iPhone.

11 Responses to “Evening in Rancho Palos Verdes”

  1. You remind me of a granola bar.

    ODB (0f13a8)

  2. I guess it’s too late to get back out there with a real camera.

    By the way, there is one trick that you can do even with a camera phone:

    Find a rail or a poll and place the camera on it like a tripod. The elimination of camera movement makes landscape photos pop.

    AZ Bob (26b8e0)

  3. Well, look at you with all the blogging when you have a pretty vista to look at!

    Karl (f8f210)

  4. Karl,

    Pat will do anything to avoid blogging about politics…

    Doh's Mom (719277)

  5. Karl,My mom has head up her butt syndrome.

    She is stupid and like all leftys love to project their stupidity onto Palin.

    DohBiden (ef98f0)

  6. Sundown was really strange today.
    It’s been overcast, grey, and dreary all day here in the Land of Fruits and Nuts, and then about 1630, it started to clear, and I actually saw some blue sky to the East.
    That’s a great shot, Patrick.
    The Channel always looks best in the Winter, when the air seems to be clearer.
    But, it brings to mind the old small-boat Rule-of-Thumb:
    If you can see Catalina, don’t go!

    AD-RtR/OS! (556f44)

  7. Goverment control over housing leads to crime Section 8 is proof…………but Libtards called it flawed so it must be flawed.

    Anyways this is beautiful.

    DohBiden (ef98f0)

  8. Patterico this post is tre bien but the trolls are le pew.

    DohBiden (ef98f0)

  9. God’s entertainment for us … so beautiful. I love clouds.

    Anita Busch (a025dd)

  10. Lovely photo, Patrick.

    angeleno (466338)

  11. Is that Two Harbors in the center-right of the picture?

    mike d (04e8ba)

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