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Newt Gingrich and the Work Ethic

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[Posted by Karl]

Newt Gingrich is currently having a good run, getting kind words from sources as far apart as New Hampshire’s Union Leader and fmr. Pres. Bill Clinton.  Accordingly, he probably won’t notice if I offer a few words of criticism on the way to discussing an issue he clearly finds important.

Given that Clinton wanted to run for reelection in 1996 against the Dole-Gingrich ticket — and spent a fair amount of money linking Dole to Gingrich — the former Speaker and his supporters might consider that Clinton’s latest praise may have a tinge of mischief.  Clitnon may well hope that Obama gets the chance to actually run against Newt, while Clinton had to make do with the illusion.

And why not? TIME and Newsweek made sure to introduce the last generation of voters to Newt as The Gingrich Who Stole Christmas and Uncle Scrooge for his positive comments about orphanages.  After all these years out of power, Newt still has a habit of making comments easily caricatured as Dickensian. (more…)

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