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L.A. Times’s David Savage Neglects to Share Reinhardt Lies with His Readers

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This morning I wrote about how the Supreme Court caught Judge Stephen Reinhardt calling a lawyer’s presentation “substantial” in one opinion — and then, in a later opinion, calling that same presentation “insubstantial” . . . when characterizing it that way helped him reverse a death verdict.

The L.A. Times‘s David Savage wrote about the Supreme Court decision today. Do you think Savage mentioned Reinhardt’s curious little shift of phrasing?

If you guessed “no” you win the grand prize.

P.S. If you want to know where to go to claim your prize, then you probably think you deserve a medal for being able to eat your own breakfast. Real impressive feat, Sherlock. You figured out that the L.A. Times didn’t rat out a liberal judge! What, pray tell, was your first clue??

8 Responses to “L.A. Times’s David Savage Neglects to Share Reinhardt Lies with His Readers”

  1. Savage has been covering up for Reinhardt for many years. This is no surprise.

    Its long been frustrating that Savage has for so long been considered such a great reporter for LAT and for no reason.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  2. What is the grand prize that I won?

    JD (9769aa)

  3. Green eggs and Ham.

    Where’s my medal?

    Apogee (e2dc9b)

  4. You already got the mettle, apogee.

    John Hitchcock (3fd153)

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  6. “Journalistic integrity” is gradually becoming an oxymoron.

    Icy Texan (6797fd)

  7. I ate my breakfast! I deserve a Peace Prize!

    OT – Another example of why so few trust the legacy media any longer. They just can’t tell the truth when their own ideologies are involved.

    NavyspyII (df615d)

  8. Patterico asked, ” What, pray tell, was your first clue??”

    My first clue was that Savage works for a so-called “newspaper.” Everyone here knows, or should know by now, that propaganda always masquerades as news. Modern journalism is the profession of brainwashing the public for the benefit of an ever expanding and morbidly parasitic government bureaucracy.

    I don’t deserve a prize for that observation, but if you insist I’d like a hot shower and breath of fresh air.

    ropelight (b226de)

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