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Breaking: Democrats Have 60 Senate Votes for Debate on ObamaCare

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The AP reports:

Democrats have hit the magic number of 60 to move ahead on historic health care legislation.

Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln said on the Senate floor that she will vote with her party, hours before the 8 p.m. EST roll call.

She said it was important that the Senate begin debate on a critical issue.

I wonder how much it cost to buy her off.

UPDATE: I added the words “debate on” to the headline about five minutes after publishing the post, for accuracy.

Hacked E-Mails Appear to Indicate Global Warming Fraud

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Ed Morrissey explains:

Controversy has exploded onto the Internet after a major global-warming advocacy center in the UK had its e-mail system hacked and the data published on line. The director of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit confirmed that the e-mails are genuine — and Australian publication Investigate and the Australian Herald-Sun report that those e-mails expose a conspiracy to hide detrimental information from the public that argues against global warming . . .

Via Instapundit, there is a summary of the relevant e-mails. The author cautions:

General reaction seems to be that the CRUgate emails are genuine, but with the caveat that there could be some less reliable stuff slipped in.

I don’t feel scientifically qualified to have a firm opinion about man-made global warming, but you can consider me a cautious “man-made global warming skepticism skeptic.” (That’s not a typo.) I have seen bad arguments on both sides of the debate — and I think reducing pollution and greenhouse gases is a worthy goal regardless of the truth of claims regarding man-made global warming.

But if the advocates of man-made global warming wanted to undermine their credibility, this would be one of the best ways to do it.

P.S. I don’t support hacking anyone’s e-mail account. But the leftists and the press didn’t seem to care much when it happened to Sarah Palin. Let’s see whether news stories are more concerned with how this became public, as opposed to the information itself. Why do I have a feeling the hacking is going to be the only story?

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