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The Company He Keeps

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[Guest post by DRJ]

GatewayPundit says it better than I could:

“Next week the Obama Administration will allow Ahmadinejad, Castro, Chavez, Gaddafi and several other international thugs into New York City to speak in front of the United Nations General Assembly. However, one country’s president will not be allowed into the United States.

President Roberto Micheletti from Honduras will not be allowed to enter into America. The US has suspended the visa policy in Honduras.

For the first time in this country’s history, our leaders in government are siding with Marxists Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro and Evo Morales against a democratic foreign leader.”

Before the Presidential election, we were told it’s wrong to judge candidate Obama by his radical friends and associates. Now President Obama chooses to recognize radical international leaders and reject democratic friends. Can we judge him now?


ACORN in San Diego

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Hannah and James visit ACORN’s office in San Diego:

Andrew Breitbart: “They [ACORN] seem to be experts at facilitating crime.”

Breitbart also said no ACORN office kicked James and Hannah out based on the fact that they were doing something nefarious.

The White House is already distancing itself from ACORN. Obama, both as a candidate and as President, has a history of throwing allies under the bus when they become inconvenient. ACORN has become very inconvenient.


ACORN in San Bernardino, Continued

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The second video was added today:

Big Government also reports the San Bernardino Police Department is investigating an alleged homicide discussed by the ACORN representative in the first video, above. The linked police report states the representative’s ex-husbands are alive. That’s good news for her and for them.

Also, BigGovernment’s editor said it has more videos to release.


Jon Stewart on the ACORN Story: “I’m a Fake Journalist and I’m Embarrassed These Guys Scooped Me”

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[Guest post by DRJ]

We live in a pop culture driven country, which means the ACORN story has to go national now that Jon Stewart has covered it:

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“Where were the real reporters on this story? You know what, investigative media: Where the hell were you? You know who broke this story? These two. You’re telling me that two kids from the cast of High School Musical 3 can break this story with a video camera and their grandmother’s fake chinchilla coat and you got nothing? They did it for $3,000.00. That’s Blitzer’s monthly beard wet vac budget. It probably cost CNN that much just to turn on their hologram machine. I’m a fake journalist and I’m embarrassed these guys scooped me. Let’s get to work people.”

H/T Instapundit.


ACORN audit already a joke

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[Posted by Karl]

Rocked by a continuing stream of scandals, ACORN is trying to pass them off as the “indefensible” acts of a few employees, but promised an “independent review.”

Who will conduct the “independent review?” Round up the usual suspects:

The Council includes many prominent Democrats, including the man who helped President Obama Transition Team, John Podesta, President and CEO of the Center for American Progress; former Maryland Lt. Gov. Kathleen Kennedy Townsend; Andrew Stern, International President of the Service Employees International Union; and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros.

Cisneros, who worked regularly with ACORN as HUD Secretary, would later plead guilty to lying to the FBI to cover up a political embarrassment. Perfect choice. Townsend is so inependent that she called the stories of ACORN’s frequent involvement in voter fraud a “desperate smokescreen maneuver” masking an extensive coast-to-coast GOP push to disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters in 2008. No bias there. Stern heads SEIU, which has a very cozy relationship with ACORN. How cozy? ACORN controls or significantly dominates several SEIU chapters. And Stern hand-picked ACORN’s Wade Rathke to direct SEIU’s nationwide organizing projects. He could not be more independent. And Podesta runs the Soros-funded Center for American Progress, which has been coordinating the public defense of ACORN this summer. He might be even more independent than Andy Stern.

Glad to see that ACORN is taking this all so seriously.


ObamaCare: Does the media matter?

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[Posted by Karl]

Last week, ObamaCare dominated the American mediascape:

For the week of September 7-13, the battle over health care reform accounted for 32% of the newshole, according to the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism. That equals the previous high-water mark in PEJ’s News Coverage Index, which monitors the agenda of the mainstream media. That occurred during the week of August 10-16, when angry town hall confrontations were driving the press narrative.

Last week, the event fueling media attention was President Obama’s September 9 prime time address to Congress. In much of the coverage, the speech was depicted as a crucial attempt to regain momentum after a month when Obama opponents seemed to assume the upper hand in the message/political wars. But as it turned out, Obama had to share the media’s post-speech post-mortems with Republican Congressman Joe Wilson, who heckled the President with the now famous “you lie” shout.

That is as favorable a media position as Pres. Obama is likely to have on the issue: the telegenic orator’s made-for-TV joint session of Congress, with the made-to-order villain who called the president a liar (or so the establishment media would report). In contrast, the prior peak week of August 10-16 featured heavy coverage of “death panels” and town hall confrontations.

Nevertheless, the weekend polling (usually favorable to Democrats) from Rasmussen, the Washington Post/ABC News, CNN and USA TODAY/Gallup failed to show support for ObamaCare more than a point or two outside the margin of error. Rasmussen, which had one of the larger pro-Obama bounces, now shows support for ObamaCare is already back to its tepid pre-speech levels.

In this context, the news that Pres. Obama is going to appear on five Sunday talk shows takes on an “I’m dancing as fast as I can” quality. The NYT’s Adam Nagourney writes, “If there’s one thing this White House doesn’t seem worried about, it is that Americans will get tired of seeing President Obama.” Maybe they should be. Pres. Obama has done roughly three times as many interviews as George W. Bush or Bill Clinton did in their first seven months as president — a period during which Pres. Obama’s approval ratings have fallen further than most presidents since World War II. Or maybe Obama’s omnipresence in the media simply does not matter, and people are simply tuning him out like a dog food commercial.


“He’s a Jackass”

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[Guest post by DRJ]

In off-the-record comments before a CNBC interview, President Obama described Kanye West as a “jackass” for interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs. TMZ has the audio here.

Obama is in hot water for calling West a jackass but ABC’s Terry Moran is in hotter water for tweeting it off a CNBC video feed. (By the way, how many networks share live video feeds, and why don’t they have rules about using a rival’s product?) I thought Obama sounded about as normal as I’ve ever heard him — he sounded like a person instead of a professor — until he referred to himself in the third person:

Obama: The young lady seems like a perfectly nice person. She’s getting her award. What’s he doing up there?

Question: Why did he do that?

Obama: He’s a jackass. [Laughter] No, now — this
— all this stuff — I’m assuming all this stuff. Where’s the pool?

Come on guys. Cut the President some slack. I got a lot of other stuff on my plate.”

I think the media has already cut the President plenty of slack.


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