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L.A. Times Becomes Parody of Itself

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More than usual, I mean.

The story is here.

4 Responses to “L.A. Times Becomes Parody of Itself”

  1. In a state that actually had to pass a law to ban texting while driving, why should anything surprise you?

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  2. Best line: “We’re jumping the shark,” newsroom boss Stan Russton said today. One imagines it being said with gusto. Maybe they can hire that cat and have it hunt down John Edwards, demanding a paternity test to satisfy the public’s right to know . . . or just for the sake of the reporter’s personal curiosity.

    Icy Truth (7b38bb)

  3. I’m not an LOLcat expert, like the Times, but:

    I cn have News?

    I believe with the increased hits, the Times has a moral and financial obligation to convey all news via LOLcat. More people will read it, and more people will understand world news.

    [Cat pushing vase off table] Mahmoud sez: “Wipe Izzee Ell Off Urth”

    [Cat in tree]: Bale mee out!

    [Cat staring at mouse hole] Dems Say You Help Kat if Kat no Catch Mouse

    [Cat upside-down, paws up] Repubs Say Kat Starve if Kat no Catch Mouse

    This will lead to some hard questions, though:

    1. How many reporters will LOLcat replace?

    2. How does LOLcat spell “Britney”?


    JRM (de6363)

  4. NY Times, L.A. Times, Chicago Sun-Times….who cares what they print. Their looney leftist readers are gonna vote for Obama anyway. Wasted ink.

    Bfidler (e6db0a)

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