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Shorter Andrew Sullivan

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Shorter Andrew Sullivan:

The truth is: no-one’s legal, consensual, adult private life should be plundered and exposed for political purposes. Now, here’s an approving link to a hack of Sarah Palin’s private e-mail.

8 Responses to “Shorter Andrew Sullivan”

  1. …and your point is?

    Another Drew (8a6fd1)

  2. It’s syphilis rotting his brain; that’s gotta be it.

    Icy Truth (ef009a)

  3. All of them are revealing who they truly are, aren’t they?

    PrestoPundit (ff5e16)

  4. There have been a lot of trolls on Patterico picking fights, and some great (and funny) responses by a large group of posters who make me laugh.

    But here is the thing. We need to call it something like the Law of Reciprocity.

    If it is wrong to do something to a political figure you like, it is also wrong to do it to a political figure you dislike. Hypocrisy is bad enough, but politically motivated hypocrisy is lower than toilet film.

    We all have to consider the laws, rules, and strategies of which we would like to approve in the hands of our bitterest enemies. That is the only safe course. The “Fairness Doctrine” will be used to shut down “Right Wing Hate Radio” by the Left. The problem is that the precedent, once set, is not limited to attacking Republicans.

    This, by the way, from people who don’t like any phone tapping, but sure seem to enjoy it when e-mail files of people they don’t like get hacked.

    This election season shows how false the claims of Obama supporters have become. And Republicans need to guard against the same strategy.

    Sullivan is a hypocritical hack. He falls into adolescent crushes with various political and social figures, but no worries: those folks will eventually disagree with one of Sullivan’s “hot button” (eeewww) issues and he will move on to a new bro-mance.

    This is not the change we have been waiting for…

    Eric Blair (81e599)

  5. Well said, Eric.

    Another Drew (8a6fd1)

  6. Oh, I shoot my mouth off a lot, AD. But thanks. I have been just so irritated by people from the Left going off about McCain or Palin lying…and yet giving passes to all the lies told by Obama.

    For God’s sake, the guy was created by the Chicago machine….and is being touted as being Hope and Change and Above Partisanship.

    And the MSM just eats it up. I just want to see Charlie Gibson staring over his glasses lecturing Obama. Like that’ll happen.

    Eric Blair (81e599)

  7. As others have pointed out, where are the people from BHO’s pre-IL Senate years?
    Where are the college roomies?
    Didn’t anyone know this guy after he matriculated from that toney prep-school in HI?
    Why are there no testimonials from his profs at Columbia and Harvard?

    It just seems that his whole life is an obfuscation.

    Another Drew (8a6fd1)

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