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Palin’s First TV Interview? ABC

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[Guest post by DRJ]

This morning McCain-Palin campaign manager Rick Davis told Fox News’ Chris Wallace that Palin was “not scared to answer questions.” Instead, Davis said Palin would be interviewed at a place and time selected by the campaign because “We run our campaign not the news media.”

Now Mike K links a Time Magazine entry that Sarah Palin’s first TV interview was offered to ABC’s Charlie Gibson and is expected to occur later this week in Alaska. The interview offer was reportedly made by the McCain-Palin campaign several days ago.

Here are Mike K’s thoughts [emphasis mine]:

“The Sarah Palin interview with Charlie Gibson of ABC is set up for next week. I thought they would wait until the week before the debate with Biden but she must really be a quick study. ABC was excluded from the debates, no doubt because of Gibson and Stephanopolis’ good questions for Obama. With Russert gone, This Week is the best Sunday show and I thought they would have her there.”

Well done, Mike K, and thanks for the link.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: There’s no question in my mind that someone will pull a pop quiz on her (“Who runs Podunkstan, Governor?”) like they did with Bush — but like they never do with Biden or Obama. Knowing this, it behooves her to know the answers to those questions, even though I’ll bet big money Biden couldn’t answer the same questions.

56 Responses to “Palin’s First TV Interview? ABC”

  1. Why are you theoneoconz hiding her from the media. America deserves better!

    JD (5f0e11)

  2. “Later this week”? September 11th?

    Kevin Murphy (0b2493)

  3. Of course this won’t be enough for our friends on the left….soon enough someone will comment here that its not fair, or if she really believed in equal rights Palin would give across the board access so everyone in the media could pillory her.

    Its great to see a woman in control of the MSM. No matter how they slam her or attempt to demean and degrade her, she’s still in the catbird seat. Must be making them nuts. No one likes finding out they are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

    Dana (084de8)

  4. Obama surrogates will argue Charlie Gibson is too soft and this proves Palin is scared.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  5. DRJ – The Baracky folks have already proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they will argue anything.

    JD (5f0e11)

  6. What Davis also said was that she would not do an interview
    “until the point in time when she’ll be treated with respect and deference.”

    Why don’t you quote that as well?

    But it didn’t fly I guess, so we get Gibson.

    “she must really be a quick study.”
    So reassuring.
    Applying for the job “a heartbeat away” from etc…

    JAR (08f6d2)

  7. JAR…
    Perhaps Mr. Gibson, in his request to the campaign for a sit-down with Gov. Palin, actually referred to her as “Gov. Palin”, and not as some …(fill in any of the accusations used by the Obamabots here)…?

    If you treat people with respect, they respond. If you don’t, …

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  8. JAR,

    You don’t know what was meant by deference. All you have is your interpretation but it could also mean the McCain-Palin campaign wanted assurances the interview wouldn’t focus on Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy and wouldn’t ask to see Palin’s stretch marks.

    Furthermore, no one stopped you from raising your point here and in another thread. Free speech means you can raise that point but it also means I can focus on other points. You don’t get to set the terms of the debate.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  9. #6 comes along and proves my point. SHOCKA!

    JD (5f0e11)

  10. Didn’t Hillary duck the press for nearly her entire 2000 Senate campaign?

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  11. I think for any politicians to ask for ‘deference” is offensive.
    And since when have the democrats demanded deference from reporters? When have they gotten it from anybody.
    Not that they deserve it.

    Democrats have a history of whining. So now it’s republicans’ turn

    JAR (08f6d2)

  12. “You don’t get to set the terms of the debate.”

    Oh, but they do, DRJ – “whyyy won’t she come on and allow herself to be drawn and quartered by the loons over at MSNBC?” Good lord, you’d think their candidate was way behind in the polls or something. Grow a farkin’ pair, ball – less wonders.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  13. “And since when have the democrats demanded deference from reporters?”

    Never, except when The Messiah stonewalled the press on the following issues:

    – Ayers
    – CAC
    – Rezko
    – Emil Jones
    – Richard Daley
    – his comments during a fundraiser in SF

    But please don’t let those pesky facts get in the way of your daily Kos talking points.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  14. Facts to a KosKid, is as Kryptonite to Superman!

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  15. JAR,

    This AP article amplifies and adds context to Davis’ statements:

    Davis complained that the media has focused too much on the 44-year-old Palin’s personal life. Many of those stories came after McCain’s campaign announced that Palin’s 17-year-old daughter was pregnant. News reports also have questioned her record as a reformer in Alaska.

    “She’s not scared to answer questions,” Davis said on “Fox News Sunday.””But you know what? We run our campaign, not the news media. And we’ll do things on our timetable.”
    “Why would we want to throw Sarah Palin into a cycle of piranhas called the news media that have nothing better to ask questions about than her personal life and her children?” Davis said. “So until at which point in time we feel like the news media is going to treat her with some level of respect and deference, I think it would be foolhardy to put her out into that kind of environment.”

    DRJ (7568a2)

  16. Dmac -politics is politics. demanding deference is something else.
    It didn’t work, so she’s up top bat sooner rather than later.
    Here’s an interesting article about her though.
    If this were Iran she’s be proudly wearing a Hijab and would be a reformer working for/against and alongside Ahmadinejad.

    That’s why he was elected too you know.

    JAR (08f6d2)

  17. You didn’t answer any of my questions, as usual. But please keep going on your rants, they’re getting better by the day – such as this hysterical one:

    “If this were Iran she’s be proudly wearing a Hijab…”

    Goodness, your incoherency on these threads is quite breathtaking – do you actually read the links you provide, and even attempt to make a relevant connection to your diatribes? It’s like you’re swatting at flies above your head that don’t exist, and muttering to yourself as you walk down the street, oblivious to the befuddled reactions of the pedestrians around you.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  18. JAR is just another ignorant bigot, in the worst meaning of the word.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  19. No interviews except with local stations and media. I’d explain why to the American people — not until major media can act with responsibility and objectivity. The McCain campaign is missing a huge opportunity not to realize the growing American disgust with the media, and to play it. In addition it would drive the elites insane, exposing them further.

    rrpjr (fb0748)

  20. Here’s an earlier interview on C-Span. She even takes questions. Has Barack ever done that? NO. Won’t even do a town hall.

    Palin link

    Patricia (ee5c9d)

  21. – Ayers
    – CAC
    – Rezko
    – Emil Jones
    – Richard Daley
    – his comments during a fundraiser in SF

    Dmac, your list is fair game. Has anyone said it isn’t? Has anyone demanded kid gloves? Anyone, that is other than the republican officials concerning Palin?

    “Do you actually read the links you provide?”
    Yup. Do you?
    And why so many assumptions? Do you know anything about, Ahmadinejad’s history or politics? I’d guess not.
    Palin is a savy politician a regionalist with connections to nativist locals; a homespun populist and and a religious fundamentalist who climbed over others in the quest for power, while seeing herself as serving her god.
    Not someone I’d vote for.

    But do you know how Obama had his first opponent thrown off the ballot?
    Rough politics.

    A little appreciation of subtlety would do you some good.

    JAR (08f6d2)

  22. I for one am excited about this interview.
    I think the thing the left zealots don’t get is that Palin just has to answer the hosts questions and the people will more the love her.
    We already no her stance on many of the standard issue’s.
    The Lefty’s always have to worry about letting their real motives out in an interview because the smart ones know that if that happens….Americans reject them.
    I’ll be tuning in to see this awesome woman and I can’t wait.

    Drider (b79bb1)

  23. In another stunning development, Andrea Mitchell actually said (on the Chris Matthews show) that Palin was a good pick.

    Icy Truth (74e75e)

  24. Amping up teh krazy does not make your points any stronger.

    When was the last time Baracky answered ?’s on those topics, JAR?

    Hint. 8 ?’s. Stomped out. Silence since.

    JD (5f0e11)

  25. Whiskey in the JAR-o,

    You came so close to telling us who you would vote for. Don’t stop now.

    Icy Truth (74e75e)

  26. Gov. Palin has been reluctant to express opinions on matters outside her sphere of governance. For example, when questioned about the Surge during her trip to Kuwait and Landstuhl in 2007, she begged off, saying her focus was on finding ways to help the Alaska National Guard soldiers she was visiting.

    But that definitely does not mean that she’s uninformed, or that she has no opinions.

    People who belittle and underestimate her — I’m looking at you, JAR, after that “nativist locals” comment, which I don’t know how to read in any way other than racial bigotry toward her for marrying a man of Yu’pic Native Alaskan heritage — have been proved fools more often than not in the past.

    Your knowledge of recent American politics is also a bit thin, JAR. After Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos popped Obama with questions about, for example, his relationship with Ayers at a Democratic debate, Team Obama retaliated by blackballing ABC, ensuring that none of its reporters would be involved in moderating any of the presidential debates. And their surrogates raised holy hell about Stephanopoulos supposedly being a puppet for Shawn Hannity.

    Of course, Stephanopoulos’ first question in his interview with Obama today was a really, really tough one: “Yesterday that unemployment report came out. Here’s what John McCain said. He said, “My tax cuts will create jobs. His tax cuts will eliminate them.” And having delivered this big-as-the-moon slow floater over the center of the plate, Stephanopoulos sat back and smiled as Obama launched into his #1 favorite talking point.

    Beldar (8a23eb)

  27. “When was the last time Baracky answered ?’s on those topics, JAR?”

    I know he’s talked about a couple of them, but to your satisfaction, I’d guess not. That’s fine, they’re all fair game. Go at it and go hard. But when was the last time McCain said anything about the man who made him: his father in law.
    Convicted Felon. Bootlegger. Tied to the Mob.

    Like his father and grandfather before him, McCain was a career Navy officer. His earning power and his inheritance were modest. At its peak, his pay as a captain was about $45,000.

    But he retired from the military in 1980, divorced his first wife, wed Arizona native Cindy Lou Hensley and moved here to plunge into the world of politics. His first job in Arizona was as a public affairs agent for Hensley & Company, one of the nation’s largest beer distributors. He was paid $50,000 in 1982 to travel the state, touting the company’s wares. But he was promoting himself as much as he was Budweiser beer. A better job description might have been “candidate.”

    In 1982, Cindy drew more than $700,000 in salary and bonuses from Hensley-related enterprises as her husband was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in his first political campaign.

    Today, McCain is ranked the 26th wealthiest member of Congress by Roll Call magazine. There are 535 members in the House and Senate.

    From Day 1, Hensley money has enabled McCain to be a full-time politician, free from financial concerns.

    This story examines the roots of the Hensley fortune and John McCain’s implacable bond to the liquor industry — how it has enriched him personally and as a politician, and how those ties have dictated his actions on questions of public policy.

    John McCain’s political allegiances to liquor purveyors and his father-in-law’s interests are subtle. That narrative is marked by a pattern of patronage.

    The Hensley saga, meanwhile, swirls with bygone accounts of illicit booze, gambling, horse racing, deceit and crime. James Hensley embarked on his road to riches as a bootlegger.

    Fair game on all sides.
    No whining.

    JAR (08f6d2)

  28. Oh, I forgot: Later in the interview, another really tough one: What were you thinking as you had to listen to those Republicans mock and jeer you for being a community organizer?

    To which Obama’s answer started off with “I was working with churches ….”

    If you read his book, he practically confesses that being a community organizer was mostly about making trouble for people with money until they paid someone off. Or else it was about making sure that his south side neighborhood good cut in on graft from Mayor Washington along with the north side neighborhoods.

    Beldar (8a23eb)

  29. Beldar – logic and rational thought do not go very far with the likes of JAR.

    GO COLTS!!!!

    JD (5f0e11)

  30. OK, since you appear to be ignorant of The Messiah’s past performances regarding uncomfortable questions, here’s a little primer for you. Linked below is the first and the last time Obama ever deiged to answer any questions that were not already highly scripted/approved beforehand:

    First we have the video of what happened when Mr. Whiney/Gutless Wonder became unglued, when a highly scripted event with the usually fawning Chicago media turned into an actual press conference:

    Here’s the full story of what happened:

    “I’ve already answered seven questions!” God, what a coward. I’ve been watching this guy for years now, and he’s never answered any questions he doesn’t like, all of his press questions have been lobbed in highly – controlled scripted settings. The only time the press has had any oppportunity to ask him anything of this nature is by attempting to interrupt him during one of these events. This is the only documented instance in which they succeeded.

    And you’ve got the gall to question Palin’s methods at this point? Pull your head out of your arse, pal.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  31. JAR, I thought you were writing about Jack Kennedy there for a while. Do you know any of the history of the Kennedys ? The Hensleys, as far as I can tell, are a success story starting out with $10,000 and building a business from the bottom up.

    You, of course, wouldn’t know anything about that. While you are enjoying the tolerance of this blog and its commenters, I would suggest an experiment. Post a comment on Washington Monthly or Mother Jones blogs that disagrees, in a respectful and substantive way, with the general left wing consensus. Then tell us how long it took before your comment appeared.

    And don’t come back until it does.

    Poor kid.

    MIke K (155601)

  32. …speaking of the Kennedy’s, Lisa Schriffen smartly observed,

    A woman running for office with five kids is a bad mother, the msm have established. But a man who ran for national office with ten kids at home, including a six month-old, and a pregnant wife — became a hero, a martyr, and an icon to which all dreams of what liberalism might have been were attached for a generation. Was Robert F. Kennedy ever vilified for ignoring his family? Did anyone sneer at his failure to abort or use contraception? No and no.

    Dana (084de8)

  33. Argh. Kenndey’s = Kennedys

    Dana (084de8)

  34. Wait. Interview is not with Baba WaWa? Diane Sawyer? Robin Roberts?

    How can such a thing happen?

    Ed (f35a20)

  35. Well, they probably did “vet” Meredith Viera, but after last week she was reclassified as an unfit wife and mother, one who leaves her severely disabled husband and children at home while she’s off doing three full – time media jobs. Imagine that – the nerve of that woman.

    Dmac (e639cc)

  36. Its great to see a woman in control of the MSM.

    She’s a mother of five, so she knows when somebody needs a timeout.

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  37. Wait. Interview is not with Baba WaWa?

    “If you were an igloo…”

    Jim Treacher (592cb4)

  38. @34

    Wait, I thought waiting out the media was a good thing.


    i like america (f4c1e0)

  39. – The Left can’t let a day go by without some issue with Palin. Personally I hope they keep right chewing on that bone.

    – Check the polls for today. Question for the SecProgs:

    – Hows that strategy of Obama running against Palin working out for you? (the gift that keeps on giving.)

    – As one of our PW commentaters, Moe suggested: “Maybe she can pick like an Assistant Vice President for Biden to run against.”

    – Bang on. Thats gotta leave a mark.

    Big Bang Hunter (pumping you up) (9562fb)

  40. Wait, I thought waiting out the media was a good thing.


    Less than 24 hours ago, you were the one arguing that Palin was hiding.

    “Strength Does Not Hide,” remember?

    Partisan hack…

    Paul (48f952)

  41. As DRJ says, “Well done Mike K.”
    You’re right. It is amazing Palin’s going to do something other than speechify from a non-questioned lectern/podium prior to even a week before the debate with Biden.
    Ain’t it amazing that she can learn so much so quick. Gollllllllley. Shazaaaaaaam. You can learn her the times tables. You can learn her the names of all the states, and of course all the primary colors. (That means no gray.) You can learn her all kinds of stuff and she will say it right. (Please don’t check Glenn Greenwald’s prediction a couple of days ago on the prospects of such an interview. He seems to learn stuff on his own, which is scary. That’s witchcraft, which don’t comport with Creationism. I mean 666.)
    Palin’s a learnin’. That’s all that’s important now. She maybe can learn everything it takes for us to hold onto the prize. ‘Cause if we don’t keep the prize, well, the prize might keep us. And that would be badder than, well, not being in charge.

    And, as for my appearance with comment now, in anticipation: Yo, Dmac, you might check the comment archives here to see if, as you think, I declined to pop in these days before Palin joins Edwards in the burnt and stale toast bin. Not a fact.
    I hope your day job requires no more attention to, and knowledge of, details than is required of a safety inspector at the Springfield Nuclear Plant. You know, slumped and slumbered back, after a long night of Duffs, in a chair with your feet kicked up on the panel of buttons, lights, knobs and levers and an empty do-nut box off to the side. Doh! You might ask dailyrox about reading for comprehension, though doing so can be painful.

    Larry Reilly (d11f9a)

  42. Larry, you cite to Glenn Greenwald … on this blog?

    That’s hilarious.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  43. After joining the GOP ticket, isn’t Palin supposed to present the McCain position? Thus, isn’t it likely Palin or any VP candidate would need a few days to review and digest the official campaign positions?

    DRJ (7568a2)

  44. I’ll pile on JAR also, in that, I thought he was talking about John McCains working relationship with Teddy when he accused Sen. McCain of associating with the off-spring of bootleggers and gangsters. Old Joe certainly knew how to get things done when he operated in Chicago. Anti-Kennedy disgust is a good reason not to drink Scotch.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  45. CHARLES GIBSON? YOu mean the right wing closet neo con who hates anything democratic now? THAT Charles Gibson. what a bunch of hogwash. she will be fed every question from the start like pablum to a baby. Let her to on Meet the Press or even better. Countdown .. let her answer REAL questions that all americans want answered INstead of Do you like to hunt and is it hard to make a mooseburger.. and did you win a beauty contest. blah blah blah. if nothing else ask her how she can support pro life and yet kill innocent animals for fun. HELLO??

    Billyu (42fc24)

  46. re: #45

    Who let the pussy use the big-boy potty? Looks like he fell in and then yanked on the handle trying to get out.

    Icy Truth (4c5f5a)

  47. if nothing else ask her how she can support pro life and yet kill innocent animals for fun. HELLO??

    She doesn’t believe people and animals are equivalent.


    Rob Crawford (6c262f)

  48. @Paul

    I just called you a hack for changing your mind. I didn’t change my mind.

    You should keep quiet when grownups are talking. Didn’t I already tell you this?

    i like america (edae44)

  49. “I’ll pile on JAR also,”

    You want to attack Teddy, g’head son.
    But the special pleading is a bit much.

    “For example, when questioned about the Surge during her trip to Kuwait and Landstuhl in 2007, she begged off, saying her focus was on finding ways to help the Alaska National Guard soldiers she was visiting.”

    “Palin: I’ve been so focused on state government, I haven’t really focused much on the war in Iraq. I heard on the news about the new deployments, and while I support our president, Condoleezza Rice and the administration, I want to know that we have an exit plan in place; I want assurances that we are doing all we can to keep our troops safe. Every life lost is such a tragedy. I am very, very proud of the troops we have in Alaska, those fighting overseas for our freedoms, and the families here who are making so many sacrifices.”

    “People who belittle and underestimate her — I’m looking at you, JAR, after that “nativist locals” comment, which I don’t know how to read in any way other than racial bigotry toward her for marrying a man of Yu’pic Native Alaskan heritage — have been proved fools more often than not in the past.”

    Holy cow. And this on a site that argues Jesse Helms deserves respect (or should I say, deference?)

    The founder of the Alaska Independence Party — a group that has been courted over the years by Sarah Palin, and one her husband was a member of for roughly seven years — once professed his “hatred for the American government” and cursed the American flag as a “damn flag.”

    The AIP founder, Joe Vogler, made the comments in 1991, in an interview that’s now housed at the Oral History Program in the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.

    “The fires of hell are frozen glaciers compared to my hatred for the American government,” Vogler said in the interview, in which he talked extensively about his desire for Alaskan secession, the key goal of the AIP.

    “And I won’t be buried under their damn flag,” Vogler continued in the interview, which also touched on his disappointment with the American judicial system. “I’ll be buried in Dawson. And when Alaska is an independent nation they can bring my bones home.”

    At another point, Volger advocated renouncing allegiance to the United States. In the course of denouncing Federal regulation over land, he said:

    “And then you get mad. And you say, the hell with them. And you renounce allegiance, and you pledge your efforts, your effects, your honor, your life to Alaska.”

    You can listen to audio of the relevant section of the Volger interview here.

    And if you want to quibble over the definition of “courting” then follow the link at the top of the quote. It’s clear. And Beldar, I have to remember when I’m arguing with you that you’re one of the few who actually defended Hariet Myers as a qualified choice for the Supreme Court. After that your accusations of racism begin to make sense, as strategic hackery if nothing else.

    And finally, on “making stuff up”
    Johnny Mac:
    “She’s the commander of the Alaskan National Guard. He [Obama] said that Iran was a tiny problem. [Obama’s next words were “compared the the Soviet Union.” Point being that we negotiated with the Soviets] He’s never visited south of our border. [false] He has no experience on these issues. She has been in charge and she has had national security as one of her primary responsibilities.” [false]

    JAR (ab000b)

  50. HUH? (head scratch)

    Another Drew (e0c2ef)

  51. And she’s off to a fine start

    Gov. Sarah Palin made her first potentially major gaffe during her time on the national scene while discussing the developments of the perilous housing market this past weekend.

    Speaking before voters in Colorado Springs, the Republican vice presidential nominee claimed that lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had “gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers.” The companies, as McClatchy reported, “aren’t taxpayer funded but operate as private companies. The takeover may result in a taxpayer bailout during reorganization.”

    Economists and analysts pounced on the misstatement, saying it demonstrated a lack of understanding about one of the key economic issues likely to face the next administration.

    JAR (ab000b)

  52. JARmusch –

    Obama’s next words were “compared the the Soviet Union.” Point being that we negotiated with the Soviets

    — Ironic, isn’t it, that the vastly larger vastly stronger nation actually cared more for the lives of its people?

    She has been in charge and she has had national security as one of her primary responsibilities.” [false]

    — What the hell do you think each state division of the National Guard does, if it doesn’t guard that state’s portion of the nation?

    Icy Truth (8ecfb1)

  53. Icy, read the link.

    Maj. Gen. Craig Campbell, adjutant general of the Alaska National Guard, considers Palin “extremely responsive and smart” and says she is in charge when it comes to in-state services, such as emergencies and natural disasters where the National Guard is the first responder.

    But, in an interview with The Associated Press on Sunday, he said he and Palin play no role in national defense activities, even when they involve the Alaska National Guard. The entire operation is under federal control, and the governor is not briefed on situations.

    And your other comment makes no sense. Try again.

    JAR (ab000b)

  54. On Obama and travel “south of the border” I should have been clearer. here’s a discussion of his travels and others. He’s been to Mexico, but that probably had nothing to do with politics, and may have been a long time ago.
    Still McCain brought it up, after Obama got back from Iraq.
    And Palin just got her first passport a year and a half a ago.

    JAR (ab000b)

  55. tip JAR –

    § 19. Military Authority

    The governor is commander-in-chief of the armed forces of the State. He may call out these forces to execute the laws, suppress or prevent insurrection or lawless violence, or repel invasion. The governor, as provided by law, shall appoint all general and flag officers of the armed forces of the State, subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the legislature in joint session. He shall appoint and commission all other officers.

    § 20. Martial Law

    The governor may proclaim martial law when the public safety requires it in case of rebellion or actual or imminent invasion. Martial law shall not continue for longer than twenty days without the approval of a majority of the members of the legislature in joint session.

    — Do I need to provide a link? or can you figger out on your own that those are sections of the Alaska Constitution?

    Icy Truth (8ecfb1)

  56. Wonder if Palin got her passport to visit Canada after they changed the rules… eh?

    G (722480)

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