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Instapundit Adopts “Tasergate” Term

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Well, he’s in the transitional stage:

IS THERE A THERE THERE? CNN on Troopergate, or Tasergate, or whatever.

I like it!

Sure, he’s gotta use the “Troopergate” term because “Tasergate” hasn’t come into wide usage since I first suggested using the term (taking a cue from Teflon Dad).

But it’s a first step.

And I have a feeling the McCain camp might read it, if it’s on Instapundit.

33 Responses to “Instapundit Adopts “Tasergate” Term”

  1. It’s a very good idea.

    Beldar (8a23eb)

  2. “Oh, you mean Tasergate?” That’s exactly how McCain or Palin or anyone from the campaign should begin their answers to every question about this, in fact.

    Beldar (8a23eb)

  3. Good.

    Not only because it focuses on the real issue, but also because “Troopergate” refers to Clinton using Arkansas state cops to bring young women up to his hotel room in order to fellate him.

    (I still like the idea of using the -quiddick suffix instead of -gate for Democrat scandals, however.)

    Dave (d51df8)

  4. What has been happening with your site ? Are you having server troubles or has there been a DNS attack ?

    Mike K (155601)

  5. Sadly, New York has it’s own soap opera named “Troopergate”.

    Gbear (58b08c)


    Bring on Da Bears !!!!!

    JD (5f0e11)

  7. Dave @ #3…
    That is a good style point, but ends up with awkward construction (and no connection to Teddy):
    But, who knows…

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  8. Mike K,

    I’m not sure why but there have been a lot of server overloads in the past weeks. Traffic is high due to the large number of Hot Air and other major links, coupled with an overall increase in traffic as the election nears.

    DRJ (7568a2)

  9. Another Drew #7, then what’s the connection to Nixon if they use -gate?

    Dave (d51df8)

  10. Mostly the outages follow links from Hot Air.

    This morning I have no idea what happened.

    Patterico (618f6c)

  11. Dave, there is none. But, the “gate” appellation has become generic among the chattering-class.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  12. I’ve never liked using “-quiddick” because that was a death. Using it for any old political scandal almost feels like making light of something truly terrible.

    MamaAJ (788539)

  13. #11 “#

    Dave, there is none. But, the “gate” appellation has become generic among the chattering-class.

    Comment by Another Drew — 9/7/2008 @ 1:22 pm”

    Yeah like “War On” drugs;terrorism; poverty; transfats; ignorance…

    TC (d16524)

  14. War On

    Well, a lot of us don’t like that term, or the programs that it encompasses, either.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  15. Everyone knows Nixon’s “Plumbers” were caught in DNC HQ at the Watergate Complex in Washington, DC, “gate” was then applied to the next major act of political misbehavior, and subsequetly became a common suffix denoting scandal in high office.

    Use of “quiddick” relates only to Ted Kennedy’s misadventures.

    Incidently, most of Nixon’s Plumbers (they supposedly fixed leaks) were involved in the events of November 22, 1963 in Dallas Texas.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  16. Tasergate works better that Taserganda.

    Teflon Dad (b9958c)

  17. Excuse me, do you have documentation of that scurilous charge?
    And, how would “Nixon’s Plumbers” be involved, when, in 1963, Richard Nixon was a private citizen, practising law in NYC?
    Perhaps you meant to say that individuals that later were to become members of the “Plumbers”, were in Dallas, in Nov, ’63?
    And, where is your documentation?

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  18. #17, Yes, AD, several of the men who were caught in the Watergate on 17 JUN 72 were involved in Dallas on 22 NOV 63: E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Virgilio Gonzalez, and Eugenio Martinez.

    These men had been members of Operation 40, were involved in the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, and have been named as participants in the assassination of JFK.

    If true, the charges are not “scurilous.” Documentation is available. Many records from the Church Committee, the Rockefeller Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and the Assassination Records Review Board have made their way on-line. In addition, there are a great many books devoted to the topic.

    However, beware, the road is long and difficult, filled with false trails, misinformation, disinformation, out right lies, and confusion. If you’re interested, start with Frank Sturgis, have a look into his background, and may the force be with you.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  19. #17, AD, a new book by Abraham Bolden, “The Echo from Dealey Plaza” ($17.13 at Amazon) might be useful. He was the first Black-American Secret Service Agent assigned to the White House Detail.

    His story will likely give a range of meaning to the word, “scurilous” you haven’t yet considered.

    Also, Richard Nixon was in Dallas on 21 and 22 NOV 63. He left on an airplane the morning JFK was murdered. Also in Dallas were J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy, and George Brown. H.L. Hunt and Clint Murchison lived in Dallas and all those named above in this paragraph were at a party, along with LBJ at the Murchison home on the night before the assassination. Jack Ruby was also reported to have been in attendance.

    LBJ’s mistress for 21 years, Madeleine Duncan Brown, reported that after a meeting during Murchison’s party which included those named above, LBJ took her arm and quietly said, “After tomorrow, those SOB’s (the Kennedys) will never embarrass me again-that’s no threat-that’s a promise.”

    Ropelight (49e412)

  20. Ropelight, nutty conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination are not improving your credibility.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  21. SPQR, Thank you for your interest and concern. I mean that. However, I’m satisfied my credibility will stand on its merits alone. You are free, of course, to form your own opinion of my veracity. But, remember, it’s usually wise to examine the evidence before you reach a conclusion.

    I don’t wish to engage in dispute, but facts are stubborn things and cannot be presumed away. Which of my statements strike you as “nutty?”

    Ropelight (49e412)

  22. Ropelight, so far every one in this thread.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  23. Yes Nixon was in Dallas, doing legal business with Texaco for his firm, Mudge Rose. Howard Hunt was never in Dallas, he was in DC. Barker, Martinez, were in Miami working for Keyes/Ameritas realty. When you rely on Oliver Stone for your history; you’re in a bad place

    ian cormac (c36902)

  24. #22, SPQR, that’s a cheap cop-out, written in haste. Now, I’m a regular reader of your comments and I know you can do better than that. So, please drop the smug condescension and answer the question with a modicum of care and specificity.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  25. #23, ian cormac, Howard Hunt admitted to his son, Saint John Hunt, that he was in Dealey Plaza on 22NOV63, although he had gone to great pains to conceal that fact.

    Dallas PD detective Seymour Weitzman put Barker on the grassy knoll flashing Secret Service ID and ordering people out of the area. Additionally, Martinez, “the spotter,” has been linked to Gonzalez, “the shooter,” as part of the kill team in the Dal-Tex building.

    BTW, my understanding is that Nixon said he was in Dallas for the Pepsi Cola Company.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  26. Boy, I’m surprised that we haven’t indicted Robert Welch for the assassination? Wasn’t he responsible for this? Or, did he hire so many cut-outs, that even Stone couldn’t penetrate the wall?
    And, to think, all this time I relied on Garrison’s absolute belief that Fidel did it.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  27. #26, AD, I don’t rely on Oliver Stone, although he did do a pretty fair job of introducing the topic to a new generation, but, please, do have a look at the testimony Frank Sturgis gave before the Rockefeller Commission. It’s available on-line, and won’t take all that much time. You just might learn something you didn’t know, and learning can be such fun, much more fun than looking down your nose at me.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  28. All I know is that JFK was shot by a Marine turn-coat, Marxist Traitor.
    The rest is just conjecture, and IMO falls into the MM catagory I accussed Leviticus of engagine in with his fellows in attempting to “perfect” democracy.
    I do know that I am safe from any accussations since I was in Pakistan at the time.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  29. Boy, it’s been a long day.
    I don’t even know how I can type “engagine” instead of “engaging”.

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  30. Well, it’s been a long day for me too. Let’s put this aside for now. We can always take it up another time.

    Ropelight (49e412)

  31. 10-4!

    Another Drew (b60e19)

  32. #28, AD, if you happen to come back here, please consider the possibility, however remote, that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn’t a turn-coat, that he may have been exactly what he said he was: a patsy, one who was silenced before he could tell his story.

    If you once acknowledge that “possibility,” it might lead you to look at the evidence. That’s all it takes. Read the first 3 pages of the Warren Report, or pick any 3 pages at random, and decide for yourself if it’s the truth, or nothing but a cover up.

    Keep in mind that most everything you think you know about the JFK assassination was reported by the MSM. (

    Ropelight (49e412)

  33. AD, type “Operation Mockingbird” into your search engine, see what comes up, and get back to me.

    Ropelight (49e412)

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