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Obama Memorial Day Event Overflowing, With Many Memorial Day Honorees In Attendance

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Posted by WLS:

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“On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes — and I see many of them in the audience here today — our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.”

Ok, so this is bouncing around the internet already.  But I just found it to be reinforcing of my view that Obama isn’t really that smart, and is prone to making unforced gaffes simply because he tries to speak to things about which he has only a shallow understanding. 

I think the fall is actually going to be an entertaining time for the GOP and conservatives.  McCain has spent 30 years in Washington speaking off-the-cuff.  Obama has never been under the microscope even once. 

But his days in the echo-chamber are rapidly approaching a close.  Dims should be concerned about the thoughts expressed in this article in TNR  today. 

Enforcement Works? Get Outta Here!

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Who’d a thunk it:

Many in Congress are counting on border walls to discourage illegal immigration and dope smuggling from Mexico. Here in Del Rio, authorities are using jail cells instead.

The ever-expanding Val Verde County jail is filled with would-be yardmen and maids, immigrants awaiting deportation. They’ve been caught in a law enforcement dragnet known as “Operation Streamline,” a zero-tolerance program that began here and has since spread both east and west along the Mexican border.

There’s plenty of grumbling in the story about the cost, but it does appear to work:

[S]upporters say the approach is reducing crime and discouraging immigrants from trying to cross into the United States. The number of illegal immigrants caught in the Border Patrol’s Del Rio Sector is at its lowest level since the early 1970s.

“Enforcement works,” said Val Verde County Sheriff D’Wayne Jernigan. “We’re definitely seeing a reduction in crime throughout the border area and a reduction in the number of aliens running loose in our community.”

I love this part:

The new approach is aimed at ending the controversial “catch and release” practice. For years, thousands of undocumented foreigners apprehended along the border were released for lack of jail space and given a notice to appear in court. Most simply vanished into the underground economy.

Instead, the buzz phrase is “catch and detain,” meaning virtually everybody who gets caught is sent to federal court or returned home immediately.

Catch and detain. What a concept!

DRJ wrote about this back in January. Glad to see it’s still being done somewhere.

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