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Judging McCain

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Many conservatives are leery of John McCain’s views on judicial appointments because of his participation in the Gang of 14. CNN’s Political Ticker reports that McCain will speak at North Carolina’s Wake Forest University next Tuesday, the day of the NC Democratic primary, regarding who he would appoint to the bench. I look forward to that speech.

H/T Feddie at ConfirmThem, who also noted the “dizzying intellects” of these commenters at CNN’s website:

“The last thing we need are more stone age thinking right wing nut jobs sitting on the bench for life.

Is this the same McCain that was a POW? What was that he said about the USA? And isn’t this the same McCain that was involved with the Keating 5? But, guess what, he wears a flag pin!!!!!!! And the judges he appoints will be of the same caliber.

He`ll appoint conservative judges to go along with Roberts, flushing out the more liberal ones. ———- Heaven help us all when this happens. Big Corporations will win——————

All we need are to more Justices like Bush picked. They will start giving corporations the right to vote. For all of the democrats who say they won’t vote if their candidate doesn’t win the nomination think about having the Supreme Count controlled by the EXTREME RIDIACAL RIGHT. Is that what you want? I want a court that is balanced not an ideology base of conservatives. I want a court that returns to the constitution.”

I hope I will be happier than these commenters after McCain’s speech next Tuesday.


Congressmen Lease Luxury Cars at Taxpayer Expense

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Members of the House of Representatives can lease, maintain and insure luxury vehicles at taxpayer expense under a little known loophole that is not available to Senators. WCBS investigated New York and New Jersey Congressmen and found:

Congressman Charles Rangel leases a Cadillac DeVille for $774 per month.

Congressman Jose Serrano leases a Buick LaCrosse for $317 per month.

Congressman Gregory Meeks leases a Lexus LS460 for $998 per month.

Congressman Anthony Weiner of Brooklyn leases a 2008 Chevy impala for $219/month.

Congressman Ed Towns of Brooklyn used to lease a Lincoln for $845 per month, but switched to a 2008 mini-SUV made by Lincoln, the MKX, which costs $715 per month.

Instead of choosing a less expensive vehicle, Congressman Rangel insisted he needed a luxury car:

“CBS 2 HD: “How would you answer those people who say, ‘Well, but it’s taxpayer money. Instead of $700 a month, could you find something for, say, $300 a month?'”

Rangel: “I could probably find something for … one of those red cars and then I think my constituents would say, ‘With all the money that he gets, this is the respect he shows us?'”

Earlier, Rangel released a statement, further addressing the issue.

“When I’m in New York, my car is my office. I use it to conduct Congressional business. It really pleases me that (my constituents) appreciate driving in a comfortable car, especially the senior citizens,” Rangel said.

“The car isn’t just a vehicle for getting around; it’s an important part of doing my job and my constituents appreciate it.”

Sadly for Rangel, the taypayers WCBS interviewed thought Representatives should get by with less.

Anyone know how we can find out which Representatives lease vehicles under this program?


Barack Obama on Letterman (Updated)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Obama understandably wants to change the subject from Jeremiah Wright so he’s going on David Letterman with his Top Ten Surprising Facts About Barack Obama. It’s worth a look.

UPDATE: The New York Times has the whole list. This is my favorite:

“6. Earlier today I bowled a 39.”


US Kills Al Qaeda Commander in Somalia

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The US military has killed Aden Hashi Ayro, the commander of Al Qaeda in Somalia, in a missile strike on his home.

Good news.


May Day

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[Guest post by DRJ[

Thousands of West Coast dockworkers who load and unload freight at 29 ports are taking the day off today to protest the War in Iraq and “support the troops.”

Color me skeptical.

The shutdown occurs as the dockworkers, represented by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union, near the expiration of their contact with the Pacific Maritime Assn. The Maritime Assn. claims the shutdown is a violation of the dockworkers’ contract, and an arbitrator had already considered the planned shutdown and ordered the union to go to work today.

The ports have shut down before. In 2002, the port shut down for 10 days during a contract dispute between dockworkers and the maritime association. In addition, two years ago on May 1, 2005, the port was closed by truckers who refused to deliver goods as a protest of U.S. immigration policies.

To some, May 1st is known as International Workers Day, a day of solidarity among workers made popular by communists and anarchists. It is a day when the working class uses protests and strikes as “a reminder to the ruling classes that their days are numbered.”

In many Western nations, May Day celebrates the impending arrival of Spring with flowers, baskets, and Maypoles.

Those are two very different May Days.


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