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Those Layers of Editorial Scrutiny Come in Handy Yet Again at the L.A. Times

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The L.A. Times reports:

At least 30 suspected insurgents have been killed in two days of operations being conducted in Diyala province as part of a major thrust by U.S. and Iraqi forces to clear Al Qaeda operatives from the region, the military said today.

Soldiers conducting Operation Arrowhead Thunder also have uncovered more than 1,000 roadside bombs around the provincial capital, Baqubah, where the offensive is being conducted, Iraqi security officials said.

Operation Arrowhead what now?

I thought it was called “Operation Arrowhead Ripper” — but that’s what I get for consulting the MNF-Iraq website. (And the Washington Post, and Reuters, and just about every other news organization on the planet.)

The L.A. Times . . . where the motto is: “Close Enough!”

Thanks to Bob Owens.

7 Responses to “Those Layers of Editorial Scrutiny Come in Handy Yet Again at the L.A. Times”

  1. I thought the motto was, “Do we have to?”

    Alan Kellogg (36a622)

  2. The LAT managers are successfully conducting “Operation Circulation Ripper.”

    Perfect Sense (6e894f)

  3. Patterico, congrats on getting the Hot Air gig. And it’s been too long since I posted. So here I present the TOP TEN DISCARDED MASTHEAD MOTTOS FOR THE LOS ANGELES TIMES

    10. “Close enough!”
    9. “Do we have to?”
    8. “Staples Center ROCKS!” (motto discontinued 2002)
    7. “The only employer in California good enough for Patt Morrison”
    6. “Now and forever 25 cents… you get what you pay for!”
    5. “Big. Gray. Impenetrable.”
    4. “Like the New York Times, but with more Hispanics and fewer Jews”
    3. “Confusing our emotions with the truth since 1967”
    2. “We (heart) Democrats!”
    1. “Ah screw it, it’s only L.A.”

    qdpsteve (cd214a)

  4. I thought the surge was supposed to pacify Baghdad, not Diyala.

    Close enough, indeedy.

    alphie (015011)

  5. Well, the LAT is going to declare that we lost the surge tomorrow (as soon as alphie gives them the copy), so mixing up the name doesn’t matter.

    Patricia (824fa1)

  6. Read the car dealer ads. More substance, better accuracy, fewer lies.

    BlacquesJacquesShellacques (f81c65)

  7. I can’t imagine why any news organization would send a correspondent to Baghdad if her stories are just going to be summaries of what shows up on the front page of MNF-I website or is archived by date and time under the heading “News – Press Releases”. Couldn’t she be doing something, like, I don’t know, maybe only a person in Baghdad could do?

    Dusty (e28a9f)

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