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Malkin’s Site Gets Overhaul

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Michelle Malkin’s blog has a new look. She plans to bring back the comments, which is welcome news. (She also has a new photo up, which I prefer to the previous one, as I think it looks more like her — based on what I’ve seen of her from TV appearances.)

Check it out. Michelle’s site is one of the very few I read every day. You undoubtedly do as well — but if you’re one of the few who doesn’t, now’s a good time to start.

The Best Sopranos Finale Analysis Ever

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I don’t have the energy to excerpt it, so read it all. If even half the crap this guy says is true, then a lot of thought went into that finale.

(Thanks to rhodeymark.)

Biases and Perceptions

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Yesterday’s post about the woman who poured out her water at a TSA security checkpoint illustrates a point I have repeatedly tried to make on this blog: jury selection is important, because people’s emotions and biases strongly affect the way that they perceive events.


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