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Flying Imams to Sue

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Back in December, I said of the flying imams:

[T]he conclusion is almost irresistible: the imams were trying to increase Americans’ reluctance to report or challenge suspicious behavior on an airplane.

Perhaps I should have added another possibility: they want to sue the airline.

12 Responses to “Flying Imams to Sue”

  1. Well, of course.

    Of course they want to sue. They want to tie this up in the courts & use the shame of the media.

    USAirways will probably cave, and the Islamists will have another scalp on their belt.


    steve miller (18030e)

  2. bastards.

    SPO (62ca0c)

  3. To be honest, I always thought they were going to sue as a means to attempt to bully airlines into fear of reporting suspicious behavior, something akin to a SLAPP.

    Rick Wilcox (71646f)

  4. You can bet the ranch that this will never come to trial. This bunch of clowns known as CAIR always drops their litigation at the last minute because they cannot stand scrutiny on the stand. They are a proven front org. for Hamas and have the convictions to show for it. This is just another one of their bluffs in the hope of winning a concession. I get the impression that USAir will hang tough on this one.

    Bill Schumm (33ab73)

  5. Is your collective conclusion about the “Flying Imams” honestly that they deliberately caused trouble in order to humiliate the airlines into being less security-conscious in order to clear the way for a future commercial airline-based terrorist attack?

    That’s pathological – and I’m talking about you folks, not the Imams. Wow.

    The Liberal Avenger (b8c7e2)

  6. Judging from the report they filed right after it happened, the report filed by the airline staff right after it happened, the reports of the passengers, and then a later statement by one of the Imams…

    Yes, I believe it was all a planned action to at the very least raise themselves to national prominence, if not to harm the airline on some level (be it monitarily or otherwise).

    Scott Jacobs (90eabe)

  7. Premeditated grievance theater.

    carlitos (b38ae1)

  8. The fruit of Jesse Jackson.

    Perfect Sense (b6ec8c)

  9. Paterico, since you’re a lawyer can the other passengers get together and sue the “Imans” for mental distress or some such? Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

    Capitalist Infidel (fffac6)

  10. This crazy imam story just keeps getting weirder and weirder. At this point, the only thing that would surprise me – a little – would be if US Airways came out and admitted that the imams were really hired actors, and the whole thing had been staged as a cheap advertising stunt.

    Xrlq (12f8ac)

  11. That’s pathological – and I’m talking about you folks, not the Imams. Wow.

    I hope this case goes forward, and I hope U.S. Airways’ lawyers expose these creeps for what they are.

    We’re not crazy, we’re pay attention. And it’s pretty hard to miss Muslims who talk about politics loudly, sit in the three exit rows (including one who sat in 1st class despite not having a 1st-class ticket), request seat belt extenders that they don’t need and didn’t use (heavy metal buckles at the end of a strap, that could be wielded as weapons)… they went out of their way to make it look like they were up to no good, and lots of people noticed.

    I’m officially going to question Liberal Avenger’s patriotism. You cannot love America and stick up for radical Muslims who deliberately cause trouble with airport security. You can’t. He hates America. And that’s pathological.

    Daryl Herbert (4e165e)

  12. We have to refuse to be intimidated, if someone makes someone report them for weird behavior, then that person should be sued by the passengers for causing them distress with their behavior.

    These Imams were faking and goofing on the passengers, and were probably trying to get tossed off the plane just so they could play the victim card and go to court and make a scene. Any judge who allows this is garbage.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    pretend to be terrorists

    scare people on a plane
    get thrown off claim racism

    USpace (4b60a3)

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