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Using Jeopardy To Teach Constitutional Law

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[posted by Justin Levine]

You might find this to be fun and informative. Or not. Whatever.

3 Responses to “Using Jeopardy To Teach Constitutional Law”

  1. If word choice is any indication, Ms. Venable and Ms. Marcotte are birds of feather.

    DRJ (605076)

  2. john eastman, the law professor quoted at the end “freedom of speech doesn’t protect obscenities” has obviously never heard of cohen v. california.

    yes, the plaintiff is a foul-mouthed bitch.

    you know what? foul-mouthed bitches have rights too!

    assistant devil's advocate (b5bf6d)

  3. Liberals only belive that freedom od speech belongs to them and their privlaged wuuies

    krazy kagu (044dd0)

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