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Nail Yale Blog

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If you just can’t get enough of that story about the Taliban guy at Yale, Clint Taylor has a whole blog devoted to it.

Happy Birthday to John Michael

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Join me in welcoming my nephew John Michael Myers into the world.

“Abortion on the Horizon”

Filed under: Abortion,Constitutional Law — Patterico @ 9:01 pm

I commend to you this very interesting essay on the case challenging the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. The essay suggests that Justice Breyer and Justice Kennedy might both be surprise votes. It also warns conservatives to watch the federalism issue, which Xrlq discussed here, in a thoughtful post from October 2003.

He Went for His Gun . . . Yeah, That’s the Ticket

Filed under: Current Events — Patterico @ 6:53 am

Ouch. That sheriff’s deputy who told a suspect to get up, and then shot him when the suspect tried to comply with his order, initially said that the suspect had “charged” him — something the video shows to be false. Then, after seeing the video, he changed his story to say the suspect appeared to be going for a gun.

This deputy was “charged” — just not by the shooting victim.

UPDATE: I had to correct that last sentence, which originally said the deputy may be charged after all, to reflect that the deputy already has been charged. I had only skimmed the article and hadn’t realized that had already happened.

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