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Another Scheer Correction

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It’s yet another correction to a Robert Scheer column:

Pope — A Tuesday commentary on Pope John Paul II’s opposition to the Iraq war said William J. Bennett accompanied Michael Novak on a trip to the Vatican. Bennett was not on the trip.

Props to Bill Quick for having figured this out.

Another hit for those four experienced Times editors.

Captain Ed on Judicial Filibusters

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Captain Ed has a couple of good posts about the crisis over judicial appointments.

First, he reports that John McCain has said he will vote against the nuclear option.

This one makes sense. First McCain kills our First Amendment rights. Then he refuses to fight for judges who might reinstall them.

We’re supposed to be surprised?

Second, Ed suggests that we not give another dime to the Republican party, if it remains so gutless that it won’t push President Bush’s nominees through.

I’m torn on this one. Since I consider the need for good judges to be one of the country’s most pressing issues, I am tempted to join Ed’s call. My only concern is that it could adversely affect the war on terror if we refuse to support Republicans against Democrats who would turn tail and run. That would have been a disaster in the last presidential election, and I’m not sure it’s a good idea now.

But it is certain that some action is necessary. A phone call to the offices of Senate Republicans on the fence about the nuclear option might be a nice start. Hugh Hewitt says they are Senators Alexander, Chafee, Collins, Hagel, Snowe, Sununu and Warner. Via Hugh, the contact info is here.

And we should all tell John McCain that he can go to hell.

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