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Belated Condolences…

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…to the world on the death of Pope John Paul II.

What a great and noble life this man lived. What a fine ambassador of Christianity he was. His successor has some mighty big slippers to fill.

Dave at Garfield Ridge has a lot more worth saying than I do.

Need Some Editing From Editor

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Power Line catches the New York Times with its pants down.

Michael Schiavo: Heartless Jerk

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First Michael Schiavo prevented Terri Schiavo’s family from being at her bedside when she died. Now he is cremating her and burying her ashes — and he won’t tell her parents where.

UPDATE: Commenters are telling me that the story says Schiavo is required to tell the Schindlers where the ashes will be buried. I am blogging this from a Treo, and I don’t see that language anywhere. I have read the piece five times now, and the only language I see relevant to the issue is this:

The autopsy of Terri Schiavo has been completed, and the body is ready for release to her husband, who plans to cremate her remains and bury the ashes without telling his in-laws when or where.

Is the version available on a PDA different from the one available on a PC??

UPDATE x2: Mystery solved. I was looking at an earlier version of the story. I hit “refresh” and saw the version my commenters are seeing, which says:

Michael Schiavo is required to tell his wife’s parents of any memorial services he plans for Terri Schiavo and where her ashes are interred.

So. Schiavo intended to keep the location of the grave secret, but the court ordered him to disclose it.

The title of the post stands.

Iraqi WMD’s: any day now

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So the FBI goes back to Terry Nichols’ old house in Kansas and, I don’t know, looks in the attic or something, and finds a bunch of bomb-making material. (h/t JYB)

And now a new load of ballots turns up in Washington State. (h/t Malkin).

A Second Puppyblender

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Puppyblender Glenn Reynolds has company. Michelle Malkin explains.

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