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He Intended For It To Be Made Public

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Remember the Los Angeles Times story about Chico State — the one that had about forty-five gajillion errors? Some of us had wondered what the dude’s writing must look like before it has been massaged by 3-4 experienced Times editors.

The answer is: like this — the reporter’s “apology” for the story.

Be sure to read both versions . . . And then be sure to e-mail him about his handsome BMW GS1100 Paris-Dakar motorcycle.

Schiavo Memo

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Power Line has the scoop on the Schiavo “talking points memo.” It turns out that the memo — which was billed as a memo created by and distributed to top GOP officials — was drafted by a staffer to a freshman senator. In a real boneheaded move, that senator (Mel Martinez) gave it to Tom Harkin.

Mike Allen, the reporter who disseminated so much misleading information about the memos, apparently believes he is off the hook. He e-mailed the AP story about the identity of the memo’s author to John Hinderaker, as if that story somehow vindicated him. As Hinderaker makes clear, it doesn’t. Allen is not off the hook.

And Mel Martinez seems to think he’s off the hook as well, because he accepted the resignation of the memo’s author. Mel, Mel, Mel. Staffers write stupid things now and then. That doesn’t bother us. What bothers us is when you distribute it to others.

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