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Newspaper Threatens Blogger Watchdog

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When I read a story about a newspaper threatening a blogger who has been functioning as a media watchdog of that newspaper, my interest is naturally going to be piqued.

Not that I’m worried. I don’t think the folks at the L.A. Times would be this stupid. They probably don’t even know about this controversy — but if they did, they would certainly be smart enough to realize what the lawyers at the Tulsa World don’t: conduct like this quickly makes a newspaper a laughingstock.

(Hat tip: Kevin Murphy.)

2 Responses to “Newspaper Threatens Blogger Watchdog”

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  2. It has been a very long time since the L A Times “Opinion” section made me smile, thanks for your column: “The correct way to fix mistakes” Thanks soooooo much!

    Mario Abelleira (8ec8a6)

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