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L.A. Times on Social Security

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Kevin Murphy takes the L.A. Times to task for a misleading story on Social Security.

By the way, I’m an L.A. County employee, and I don’t pay into Social Security.

L.A. Times Insider Blog Now a Blog for Random Heavy Metal Band

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The URL for “The View from the Third Floor,” the short-lived L.A. Times “insider blog,” has been taken over by a heavy metal band.

The Heartbreak of Altering Your Daily Routine

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A picture in today’s Los Angeles Times shows dark clouds above the downtown Los Angeles skyline, and is captioned:

Storm clouds fill the sky above downtown Los Angeles. The recent rain has forced many Southland residents, accustomed to sunny weather, to alter their daily routines.

I imagine that, in thousands of households across the country, the ink on this photo is smearing from the tears shed by Americans young and old, as they weep for the Angelenos forced to alter their daily routines. Their sympathy is likely rivaled only by that felt by people across the world as they read the tragic reports of the high prices Americans are forced to pay for gasoline.

Rod Bernsen on Police Shootings

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I have no excuse for not linking earlier to this piece by Rod Bernsen, regarding the Devin Brown shooting. Read it together with Jack Dunphy’s piece, and you’ll have important context that the L.A. Times news pages have refused to provide.

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