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Eason Jordan Resigns

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I said earlier that we should wait to see the tape. I’d still like to see it, but as Instapundit says, I guess we now know what it would have shown.

Jack Dunphy on LAPD Shootings and the L.A. Times

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LAPD Officer “Jack Dunphy” has a must-read column on National Review Online. It is about the recent controversial incident in which a 13-year-old auto theft suspect was shot and killed as he rammed his car into an LAPD patrol car. I have previously discussed the L.A. Times‘s coverage of this incident here and here, and Jack Dunphy has a few choice words for the folks at the Times as well.

Patterico Inside the Tent

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This Sunday, the L.A. Times “Outside the Tent” column, which provides a space in the Sunday Opinion section to critics of the paper, will be written by yours truly. The piece is in the final editing stages right now.

(I have dropped hints about this in a few places, but nobody except for motionview ever picked up on them.)

I have worked hard in the piece to construct an argument that will (hopefully) be convincing to people with a wide range of political viewpoints. Time will tell whether I have succeeded.

P.S. Thanks to Xrlq and Armed Liberal for taking an extraordinary amount of time to look at drafts. Their comments have improved the piece greatly.

UPDATE: I originally said that the “Outside the Tent” piece runs on the op-ed page. I should have said that it runs in the Sunday Opinion section, which is a different section run by a different editor.

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