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Dinner And Deals In The Blue Room Tonight

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[guest post by Dana]

Tonight, President Trump is hosting a dinner at the White House in the Blue Room. The President’s guests will be Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Subjects of discussion reportedly to be focused upon will be establishing protections for the Dreamers, and finding ways to stabilize the health insurance markets.

According to Schumer this morning:

It’s a continuation of what we should do in December and we’re going to work very hard to get him to be for Dreamers and straightening out health care.”

Seriously, given that Schumer and Pelosi are all too aware that a little flattery goes a long, very long way with Trump, I don’t think they’ll really have to work all that hard to win over a president who is beholden to no party, nor wed to any political ideology. Perhaps tonight might even be the first major step in that “new era of bipartisanship” we keep hearing about.

A little dinner party and a little “dinner table bargain” in the offing…


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  1. Trump’s bill-signing hand is not, I’m afraid, exhausted from the balanced budgets, Obamacare repeals, border-control bills, and tax reforms that the Republican House and Senate have been sending him.

    The fundamental reason bi-partisan deals are in the offing, is because no uni-partisan bills have had Republican support.

    Trump is not the cure, but he’s not the disease either.

    President Cruz, President Walker, President Amash, none of these Presidents would have an Obamacare repeal to sign. None of them would have a real budget, much less a balanced one, to sign. None of them would have entitlement reform to sign. They could probably expect to get a DACA amnesty to sign, though (and all would have signed it).

    All for the same reason. Good men all, infinitely more qualified than Trump to hold the office, but they have a Republican-controlled Congress to work with. And Republicans in Congress stand for nothing and signify nothing but the perpetuation of themselves in office.

    Comment by Frederick — 9/13/2017 @ 5:43 pm

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