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Pray for Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick

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My friend Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick had a stroke yesterday. I got a call from a mutual friend a few minutes ago. William Jacobson posts that Mandy had brain surgery today to relieve pressure and pulled through OK. Please keep Mandy in your thoughts and prayers.

27 Responses to “Pray for Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick”

  1. Mandy is not just my co-defendant in a frivolous lawsuit. She is a rock in a turbulent sea; someone you can call for a level-headed point of view when things get crazy. This is horrible; I hope she is OK.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  2. Prayers and good thoughts.

    Simon Jester (c8876d)

  3. hopefully they got to her early, with all the right meds…

    nothing but best wishes for her & hers.

    redc1c4 (abd49e)

  4. Oh my goodness, how awful, especially for such a young woman. I will certainly be praying for her.

    Dana (4dbf62)

  5. Big prayers her way

    JD (548f4a)

  6. I had a mild stroke almost two years ago, and I can tell you that it is truly terrifying. I lost most control over the left side of my body and it was a nighmare. FOrtunately for me, therapy gave me back my left hand. But I still walk slowly, and painfully, with a cane and that’s getting worse with time because I’m losing control over my left leg. I’m planning to buy a wheelchair soon.

    Steven Den Beste (99cfa1)

  7. prayers for you, Mandy

    narciso (ee1f88)

  8. Big prayers from me, too. Patterico, you are a good friend to Mandy.

    felipe (40f0f0)

  9. Adding prayers to the large pile. She’s all you say as well as kings.
    Terrible news.

    SarahW (267b14)

  10. kind

    SarahW (267b14)

  11. Get well soon Mandy.

    Craig Mc (299f38)

  12. You need a stroke like you need a hole in the head. On the bright side, a pair of shoes lasts longer than it used to. She looks young in her pictures. That bodes well for her recovery. The body and the brain do recover; faster on the uphill side than on the downhill side of senescence. If she needs advice about orthotics, extra-depth shoes, and ambulatory aids, I’m there for her.

    nk (dbc370)

  13. How awful. I hope her fearlessness helps her now. God bless her.

    MayBee (3e5aa3)

  14. thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

    Colonel Haiku (2601c0)

  15. God bless you Mandy, prayers

    EPWJ (9dacda)

  16. Mandy stands out as a genuine person in a field full of weirdos and hacks. She’s a brave journalist, and I’m sorry she and her family are going through this.

    Steven, I am sorry to hear about your difficulties.

    Dustin (7f67e8)

  17. It is nice to see you, MayBee! You too, Dustin — although MayBee is even more of a stranger than you. I’m sure Mandy will appreciate everyone’s support.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  18. Just seems too young for that type of thing. Best wishes.

    Gazzer (26a83c)

  19. O God of heavenly powers, by the might of your command you drive away from our bodies all sickness and all infirmity: Be present in your goodness with your servant Mandy, that her weakness may be banished and her strength restored; and that, her health being renewed, she may bless your holy Name; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

  20. Praying,
    and hello, DRJ.

    MD in Philly (f9371b)

  21. DRJ,

    Thank you. I have silently repeated your words.

    Patterico (9c670f)

  22. Let’s all say them aloud.

    Simon Jester (63cc8b)

  23. And DRJ walks the walk. Miss you, ma’am.

    Simon Jester (63cc8b)

  24. Prayers and healing wishes for Mandy, and all those who care for her.

    htom (412a17)

  25. Prayers and goulash.

    daleyrocks (bf33e9)

  26. Good to see you, Patterico! I know you have been a good friend to Mandy and she to you.

    MayBee (3e5aa3)

  27. I pity the stroke that thinks it is tough enough to take out Mandy. She’ll be back giving ’em hell before we know it.

    JVW (18e4e0)

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