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Pray for Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick

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My friend Mandy Nagy aka Liberty Chick had a stroke yesterday. I got a call from a mutual friend a few minutes ago. William Jacobson posts that Mandy had brain surgery today to relieve pressure and pulled through OK. Please keep Mandy in your thoughts and prayers.

The Timid Little People Of The Left

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[guest post by Dana]

I have always maintained that the progressive left is the most narrow-minded, fearful group of people around. And once again, it is confirmed:

Yale University’s three-year-old William F. Buckley, Jr. Program seeks to bring politically conservative perspectives to the overwhelmingly liberal campus by, among other things, inviting conservative speakers to campus.

“The mission of the program from the beginning, and we stand true to this now, is to promote intellectual diversity on campus, so we try to bring a variety of viewpoints to Yale, and we try to foster honest and serious debate,” Lauren Noble, a 2011 Yale graduate and founder of the program, told the Yale Daily News.

One of the guest speakers this year will be Ayaan Hirsi Ali! However, note the whimpers of worry from student Helen Price:

“When you invite very conservative speakers here who perhaps have controversial views on Islam or homosexuality, you essentially make Yale a very uncomfortable place for a large percentage of the people here on campus, and everyone should feel at home at college”.

One hopes these timid little girls of the left who continue to embarrass and shame women everywhere with their adolescent fear of those who think and believe differently than themselves will find the strength to have their own presuppositions and notions challenged and provoked. They might even find themselves… gasp… inspired!

Courage, ladies!


It’s About The Theater Of The Job

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[guest post by Dana]

President Obama on the poor optics of rushing off to make tee time immediately after his public statement about James Foley:

“I should’ve anticipated the optics,” Obama said in an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” set to air Sunday.

“Part of this job is also the theater of it,” Obama said, adding that “it’s not something that always comes naturally to me. But it matters.”

The president has to mentally remind himself of the “theater” of his job and how the visuals will play out – even when an American is brutally killed at the hands of a barbarically terrifying and ever-increasing enemy that has thrown the nation into a tailspin of shock and outrage. It requires “theater”: acting, rehearsing lines, a consideration of the visual presentation, including physical gestures, facial expressions, assessing and weighing out what and how every little move might be received – even though, in this case, no real gauging of the audience was necessary because an already expected and natural reaction had made itself known – we didn’t need to act. Without a doubt, this lead actor knew the immense seriousness and weight of the story because both script and audience had already made it very, very clear. And when one proves shockingly unable to understand or grasp, while in the hot spotlight and all eyes are on him, what is appropriate to the scene, the actor must dig deeper and work harder to make sure he conveys at least the illusion of understanding to his expectant audience. Clearly, in this, the actor missed his mark.


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