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Scots Vote to Remain Under Thumb of the British a While Longer

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AP is making the claim as we speak.

No true Scotsman would vote for independence anyway.

Justice Served, Excuses Made

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[guest post by Dana]

A woman was put to death last night in Texas by lethal injection. According to a reporter present, her death was “very peaceful”. That was a mercy she did not deserve.

Evil has a face:

Lisa Ann Coleman, 38, of Arlington, Texas, was found guilty of capital murder in the death of 9-year-old Davontae Williams, who had been beaten and bound, and whose body bore more than 250 scars when officials discovered him on July 26, 2004. He had also been starved, weighing a mere 35 pounds at the time of his death.

On Coleman’s last day, 5 people came to be with her until the end and witness the execution. There was no there to represent little Davontae.

And from one pathetic excuse of a man, Coleman’s attorney John Stickels:

What she’s really guilty of is being a black lesbian,’ Stickels said.

‘Her sexual orientation played a role in the state choosing to seek the death penalty and in her getting the death penalty.’


Racism Narrative Collapses Further: Pictures Emerge of Django Unchained Actress’s Enthusiastic Public Making-Out Session

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TMZ sez: Django Actress — We Got the Pictures AND IT LOOKS LIKE SEX. It’s an attention-grabbing headline, which is what they’re good at, but I don’t know that the pictures “look like sex.” They look like two clothed people all over each other, however, in a car with an open door — and I can easily imagine onlookers thinking there is prostitution going on here.

So, let’s recap.

Last week the story from Reason was: black actress mostly minding her own business — perhaps enjoying a smooch or two in a car with her husband, as you do — meets overbearing cop who assumes she is a prostitute because she is black. She heroically refuses to surrender her ID, and is handcuffed because, well, she is black and being uppity.

Today we know: the woman and her husband are pawing each other, straddling each other, and holding onto the sun roof for support as they maul each other in a car with an open door. A bored cop shows up in response to a “lewd acts in public” call from a citizen, and contacts the couple meeting the description. He legally asks for ID as part of his routine investigation into a possible crime reported by members of the public. The actress mouths off, refuses to comply with the law, talks about how she has a publicist, and generally acts entitled. The bored cop says: “I’m Mildly Interested That You Have a Publicist, But I’m Going to Get Your ID”. Finally, the husband gives up the ID, and the cop goes away.


It’s hard not to think of Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, where a narrative of Total Racial Oppression collapses as facts emerge. As Big Media continues to do this, a Boy Who Cried Wolf phenomenon may set in, wherein actual stories of racism are viewed with deep suspicion by the intelligent and unbiased observer, because past narratives have always tended to hide the relevant facts until the narrative is set.

As long as you remember that Big Media is not truly about facts, but rather about entertainment and sensationalism, you’re less likely to get fooled — whether being fooled means getting taken in by race hustlers, or becoming deadened to actual injustice.

Just take everything Big Media says with a grain — hell, with giant fistfuls — of salt, and you’ll be fine.

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