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Holder Resigns

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Good riddance. I wonder if it was forced.

“Bo Snerdley” Speaks To The Black Community

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[guest post by Dana]

Rush Limbaugh’s call screener and right-hand man James Golden (“Bo Snerdley”) was interviewed by Ginny Thomas (wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas) and discussed the black commmunity in America. Golden, who himself is black, made the following interesting and provocative points:

“What liberalism has done to the black communities, it’s not a monolithic community, is horrific.”

“Most black people live their lives as conservatives; a lot of them vote liberal because that’s the way their families vote, that’s what they grew up voting. And because they believe the press hype, and by the way Republicans haven’t helped. The last batch of Republicans in DC haven’t help with the branding.”

“The progress for black people is not going to be found politically it’s going to be found inside. This hope and change thing has translated into the same old BS: let’s blame the Republicans for everything.”

“Message to Black America: there are no Republicans in your neighborhood. They left years ago. They are not there. They are not to blame for your problems. The problems in your neighborhood are the problems of those people in your neighborhood. The reason why black people have problems in black neighborhoods is not due to Republicans.”

“By the way, Obama was never in your neighborhood either. And he’s not coming. Unless you’re up in Martha’s Vineyard and you’ve got a golf course.”

And speaking of Rush Limbaugh, a Texas waitress-turned-writer who received two $1,000 tips from Limbaugh, claimed that because the tips felt “like blood money”, she was compelled to give it all to an abortion charity:

“It felt like laundering the money in a good way,” she says. “He’s such an obvious target for any feminist or sane person. It was really bizarre to me that he gave me $2,000, and he’s evil incarnate in some ways.”


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