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Three Very Funny Videos: First Number One, and Then Number Two

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How did I miss this?

Which immediately reminds you of this:

25 Responses to “Three Very Funny Videos: First Number One, and Then Number Two”

  1. I’ve always said that O-b-a-m-a is a four letter word !

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  2. LOL! Check your headline, there’s only two videos, not three. ROFL

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  3. They’ve got quite a scoop over at Lucianne. They’ve located and posted the only known photograph of Karl Marx and Barack Obama together.

    elissa (336a21)

  4. #2, Ha!

    No wonder they can’t balance the federal income and expenses, or create a budget.

    htom (412a17)

  5. As President Obama stepped up to the microphone at the podium where his beloved teleprompter was located, he ad-libbed a plea to his cult supporters in attendance, “Let me be clear, we need more time to get things done. Make no mistake about it, if you give me three more years, we can make a difference !”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  6. In fairness, I’m sure Biden was thinking of the three branches of Government: the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  7. In addition to being a math major who solved the riddle of how to balance the federal budget on an annual basis, this is the President who not only got the rise of the oceans to stop, and was able to elicit the Jihadists to bring bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates to our embassies, but he also created a little known holiday out of thin-air; “Cinco de quatro.”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  8. I know someone who is stationed at Andrews Air Force Base. He recently spoke to a caddy at the nearby golf course where Obama plays, and he claims that when Obama is about to drive his tee shot, the President is often overheard exclaiming, “Three !”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  9. “How can we calculate four-score-and-seven without know the final score?”

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  10. “During this campaign, I’ve been to 57 states, and I think I have two more to go !”

    Elephant Stone (65d289)

  11. Come on, Guys. Math is hard.

    PatAZ (de161a)

  12. During the Bush administration, gaffes like this were proof that George W. Bush was not fit to be President.

    Now, we’ve accepted that the Democrats’ idea of a President is someone dumber and less competent than George W. Bush … and that their idea of a Vice President is a dementia patient.

    SPQR (26be8b)

  13. LOL! Check your headline, there’s only two videos, not three. ROFL

    Comment by Pious Agnostic — 9/16/2012 @ 1:26 pm

    And does that seem accidental or deliberate?

    Three words: it was no accident.

    Patterico (83033d)

  14. Even Barbie knows math is hard. Wait, wait, what exactly did she say? Let’s go to the video tape. Digital clip. Whatever.

    htom (412a17)

  15. Yes sir, I know. Just playing along with the joke.

    Pious Agnostic (ee2c24)

  16. Math has never been the guy’s strong suit.

    Bugg (6cf7f9)

  17. Four words: Smartest president ever!

    Patricia (e1d89d)

  18. Math has never been Democrats’ strong suit either.

    AZ Bob (1c9631)

  19. Obama is a SCOAMF… i can’t stand to hear either of these ignorant idiots babble.

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  20. Vote Barbie, at least she knows that math is hard.

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (2bb434)

  21. …and along those lines, some would say that a vote for Mitt is a vote for Ken.

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (2bb434)

  22. Not sure how anyone ever managed to use the words Obama and smart in the same sentence without breaking into gales of laughter.

    Bill M (2f7437)

  23. If one wants to silence the puppet, the task is to eliminate the puppet-master.
    Axelrod and Jarret have to go!

    AD-Restore the Republic/Obama Sucks! (2bb434)

  24. _________________________________________

    I always laugh at liberals who imply that conservatives, Tea Party-ers in particular, are somehow less intelligent, less smart, than presumably those on the left are. I snicker because almost every screwed-up, truly dysfunctional city in this country (Hello, Detroit! Hello, Chicago Public School District!) and country throughout the world (Hello, Argentina!), with few exceptions, are run by liberals, or the usual-suspects on the Socialist side of things.

    Mark (1e93ca)

  25. That’s only if you don’t count ‘United States of America.’ Does an acronym constitute a single word or the four it represents?

    I love the little hand shake he does to emphasize. He should have counted on his fingers.

    Book (0e06b5)

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