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Aaron Walker Wins Motion to Compel Against Brett Kimberlin

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Given that Kimberlin announced his intention not to comply until months after the deadline, this is no surprise. However, it’s a positive development:

So Jan Crawford Is a Liberal Hack, Huh? Part 3: Newsbusters Says Crawford Was Somehow the Only Big Media Reporter to Provide Context Showing Obama Gaffe Similar to Romney’s

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From Newsbusters:

On Tuesday’s CBS This Morning, Jan Crawford stood out as the only Big Three network journalist to play a clip of Barack Obama’s infamous “cling to guns and religion” barb at conservatives, as she covered the recently-released secret recordings of Mitt Romney remarking about the “47 percent of the country who are dependent on government.”

Crawford remarked that Obama “spurred similar controversy” with the 2008 comment, but neither ABC’s Good Morning America nor NBC’s Today mentioned it in their coverage of the Romney video recordings, which were released by the left-wing magazine Mother Jones.

Weird, huh? Who independently thought to make the connection to Obama’s 2008 gaffe? Allahpundit did. And I did. The liberal media didn’t — but Jan Crawford did.

It’s almost like she’s being . . . fair to conservatives!

One day, all of you are going to see I was right about Jan Crawford.

It might take weeks, months, or even years — but you’ll see.

And I predict you’re going to rub your eyes in amazement that this is the person you once chose to attack as the premier example of liberal bias in Big Media.

In the meantime, when I notice stories like this about her coverage, I’m going to bring them up. Like this one.

It feels like the beginning of a semi-regular series, in fact. Hence the title.

Parts one and two of the series were my initial defense of Crawford.

Now That’s More Like It, Mitt

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Romney was on Cavuto today and finally started clearly expressing the central message of the SUPER SEKRIT UNDERCOVER VIDEO: namely, that Barack Obama is trying to use government to redistribute wealth, and Mitt Romney is trying to grow the economy and make more people successful:

We need more of this and less stumbling defensiveness like we saw last night.

The less defensible part of Romney’s secretly recorded statements was when he tarred everyone who doesn’t pay federal income tax as a victim looking for a handout, and fixed that percentage at 47%.

But the main message was that we don’t want a society of moochers. We want a land where government gets out of the way and lets us make our own way.

That’s a solid message. It’s a gutsy message, but it has waaaay more common sense appeal than liberal media hacks realize. And Romney does a much better job today than last night at articulating that message.

And who knows? Instead of being THE END OF HIS CAMPAIGN!!!!!1!!!1!!! . . . this could actually be a winning issue for him.

He just needs to keep making the case — and not just on Fox News.

Play it again:

P.S. I want to reclaim this song from the Democrats anyway. Larry Elder played it for years on his radio show because it embodies his spirit — long before the Democrats stole it for their convention. I don’t care that Petty is a Democrat. Most of those artists are. Doesn’t matter. The spirit is the spirit of freedom and independence. That doesn’t belong to Barack Obama.

UPDATE: Here’s the video Romney talks about in the interview, in which Obama cheers on the idea of redistributing income:

Allahpundit’s Analysis on the Romney Video

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Very similar to mine, but much more, er, “elegantly stated”:

Two political difficulties here. One: While some Obama supporters may not pay federal income tax, they still pay federal payroll tax and may well pay state and city taxes. They do contribute something to government. Two: A lot of pro-Republican working-class voters pay no income tax due to the Earned Income Tax Credit, and a lot of pro-Republican seniors pay no income tax because most or all of their income is Social Security. Not sure how either of those groups will react to Romney’s critique of O’s fans, but my hunch is that Ben Domenech’s right in believing that no one really thinks they’re part of the 47 percent. Everyone thinks they’re a “maker,” not a “taker,” due to whatever little tax they pay, so when Mitt lays into freeloaders, even people who pay no income tax think he’s talking about someone else. It’s sort of the flip side of senior citizens saying that America needs small government while telling politicians “Hands off my Medicare.” I doubt it’ll end up hurting Romney badly, but the media will do its level best. Buckle up!

That’s about right. Meanwhile, you don’t need me to catalogue the caterwauling about how IT’S ALL OVER!!! (mostly coming from liberals). Just look, well, anywhere.

Message to Mitt: downplay the 47% bit (rank overestimation) and go after freeloaders wholeheartedly. Again: nobody thinks they’re a freeloader themselves, and if they do, they ain’t voting for you. Relax and have fun with it.

Have some music to help you buck up.

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