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God and Israel

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Both mere afterthoughts for the Democrats.

And that’s being kind. Many actively wanted to exclude both.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Democrats during the addition of references to God and Jerusalem to the platform.

Via Allahpundit, who says: “The takeaway, though, for attack-ad purposes isn’t the boos but the degree of opposition to adding the language in the first place.” He also wonders how Obama could have personally intervened to strengthened the language about recognizing Jerusalem when he has a policy of non-recognition. (At the very least, the White House spokesman refuses to identify Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.)

The answer to that is simple. Pander to the Jewish vote in Florida now, screw Israel later. Duh.

UPDATE: Please do watch that video all the way through to watch L.A.’s mayor lying his ass off about whether 2/3 of the delegates voted to change the platform. Hilarious.

Slick Willie: Those Damn Republicans Sure Did Run Up Our Debt, Huh?

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I couldn’t help it. I listened to it on the radio.

I heard him telling the audience never to forget how the Republicans have run up the debt.

Obama adds $5 trillion to the debt in less than four years, and Slick Willie is blaming US for running up the debt.

Listening to that bumpkin lying like that just reminded me why I despise him so much.

UPDATE: Karl rebutted Bubba before Bubba had even opened his burgerhole.

Open Thread: Convention, Day Two

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I can’t bear to watch. You tell me what’s going on.

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