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White House Insiders Plague Obama

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Doug Ross wonders if disgruntled Democratic insiders are trying to sabotage the Obama Administration:

“Inquiring minds are considering the surprising series of self-inflicted gaffes that have plagued the White House of late:

  • The [May 2010] Jobs Report Blunder
  • The Romanoff Leak
  • The Brutally Deficient Sestak Statement
  • Even taken separately, these blunders are bizarre. Placed together, a pattern emerges: an insider (or insiders) may be sandbagging the President.

    Is there a patriotic Democrat mole, burrowed inside the power structure, who realizes the disastrous Leftist agenda must be stopped? Is there a cadre of Hillary loyalists planting land-mines for the administration to step on in preparation for 2012?”

    Click the link for descriptions of each “blunder.”

    I doubt it’s a patriotic Democrat but it could be a disillusioned one, especially among the many Clintonistas in the Obama Administration.

    — DRJ

    9 Responses to “White House Insiders Plague Obama”

    1. No, Hillary’s people couldn’t even get the date right for the Queen’s birthday celebration. I think they really are this incompetent, tempting as it is to hope otherwise.

      venus velvet (7f3014)

    2. Hanlon’s Razor — Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

      htom (412a17)

    3. The sharks are smelling blood in the water. When Carol Browner came out with her statement that the WH knew all along the spill was bad, her CYA action, I suspected the same thing.

      Patricia (160852)

    4. The Blago trial is just going to add more blood to the water. Stock up on popcorn for that.

      daleyrocks (1d0d98)

    5. re: disgruntled Clintonista moles
      “Bros before Hos”

      Jim,MtnViewCA,USA (a6a60f)

    6. #2 htom:

      Hanlon’s Razor

      The problem here is that it can’t be explained by stupidity alone~ you have to go through maliciously stupid all the way to stupid malice to adequately cover the bases.

      EW1(SG) (edc268)

    7. It also could be something much more dangerous, these guys/gals are incredibly incompetent. After all, brain dead leftist retoric will only carry one so far, at some point the admin. will be expected to do something well.

      james (633fbc)

    8. It isn’t hard to believe that they are both incompetent and malicious. What I am waiting for now is Blago being whacked before he can spill the beans and do some serious damage. He is not a stand up guy.

      BarSinister (65f885)

    9. The jury ought to attract lots of the right kind of people: future ambassadors to country of choice?

      Patricia (160852)

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