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June 8 Results: California Senate & Governor

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[Guest post by DRJ]

This post will update election results for the California Republican and Democratic primaries for Governor and the Senate.

UPDATE: AP called the GOP Senate race for Carly Fiorina. Her opponent in November will be Senator Barbara Boxer.

AP called the GOP Governor’s race for Meg Whitman. She will face former Governor Jerry Brown.

Fox News is covering results here and ABC News is covering all the races here. In addition, here are the California Elections Division’s webpages for the Senate returns and the Governor’s race.

MORE: There are several Propositions on the California ballot. Aphrael discusses them in this post at The Jury, and updates the votes in the comments here at this post. My thanks to Aphrael.


June 8 Results: Nevada Senate (UPDATE: Governor’s Race)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

The Nevada Secretary of State has posted the following results in the Republican Senate primary:

Less than 1% of the returns in:

Sharron Angle – 23,082 – 34.74%
Sue Lowden – 22,705 – 34.17%
Danny Tarkanian – 13,432 – 20.21%
John Chacas – 2,409 – 3.63%

With 25% of the returns in:

Sharron Angle – 29,641 – 36%
Sue Lowden – 25,660 – 31%
Danny Tarkanian – 17,330 – 21%
John Chacas – 3,262 – 4%

With 45% of the returns in:

Sharron Angle – 46,589 – 38%
Sue Lowden – 33,290 – 27%
Danny Tarkanian – 27,226 – 22%
John Chacas – 4,998 – 4%

Fox News has a link to results here but it isn’t working. Neither the AP nor CNN have posted results yet.

EDIT: CNN’s election results are up now, but they are not as current as the Secretary of State’s results.


UPDATE — Results for the Governor’s race:

Democratic Primary:
Rory Reid – 42,000 – 72%
Frederick Conquest – 7,969 – 13%

Republican Primary:
Jim Gibbons (incumbent) – 20,569 – 26%
Brian Sandoval – 44,282 – 56%

Quote of the Day

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Guess who isn’t interested in words?

The president also defended not having spoken to [BP CEO Tony] Hayward.

“I have not spoken to him directly,” he told Lauer. “Here’s the reason. Because my experience is, when you talk to a guy like a BP CEO, he’s gonna say all the right things to me. I’m not interested in words. I’m interested in actions.”

I feel the same way about Obama’s words.

Obama also said he would have fired BP’s CEO by now if he were in charge of the company.

I feel the same way about America’s CEO.


June 8 Results: Arkansas Senate (UPDATE: Lincoln Wins)

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[Guest post by DRJ]

CNN’s election results in the Senate Democratic primary:

2% of precincts reporting:

Blanche Lincoln (incumbent) – 23,711 53.9%
Bill Halter – 20,309 46.1%

UPDATED (Fox News) with 49% of the vote in:

Lincoln – 73,132 – 51%
Halter – 70,029 – 49%

Fox News is reporting results here and the Arkansas Elections webpage is here.

Dustin is doing a great job updating the South Carolina results post. Any assistance readers can provide on this race will be appreciated.


UPDATE: AP and Fox News have called the race for Blanche Lincoln.

June 8 Results: South Carolina Governor

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[Guest post by DRJ]

CNN’s election results in the GOP Gubernatorial primary:

With 1% of the votes in:

Nikki Haley, GOP – 3,349 43.2%
Gresham Barrett, GOP – 2,077 26.8%
Henry McMaster, GOP – 1,440 18.6%
Andre Bauer, GOP – 883 11.4%

The South Carolina Election Division webpage is here and Fox News is keeping a tally here.

There are a lot of races to follow today, so please help me update this race in the comments.


El Paso Border Patrol Agent Kills Attacker

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[Guest post by DRJ]

A 15-year-old Mexican boy was shot and killed yesterday by a U.S. Border Patrol agent near the Paseo del Norte bridge in El Paso, Texas. Reports say several agents had been attacked by illegal immigrants throwing rocks.

Mexican authorities have objected to the use of guns in response to a rock attack as a “disproportionate use of force.”


Vote for Mickey Kaus

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You can vote for him if you are a “decline to state” or a Democrat.

Mickey Kaus: He’s not Barbara Boxer!

And he is strong on immigration and unions. A vote for him is a vote for the importance of those issues.

Primary Tuesday

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[Guest post by DRJ]

Politico says there are 9 races to watch in today’s elections:

  • Arkansas Senate. Union favorite Lt. Gov. Bill Halter is a 5 point favorite over incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln.
  • South Carolina Governor. Making TV wrestling drama look tame, the SC Governor’s race shows Nikki Haley with a commanding lead.
  • South Carolina 4th District. Incumbent Representative Bob Inglis has reportedly opposed the Iraq surge and other conservative positions, leading him to run 2nd in his primary race.
  • Nevada Senate. In the saga of Harry “the Comeback Kid” Reid vs the Republicans, who will the GOP pick to take on the Kid?
  • Nevada Governor. Will Nevada Republicans turn out sitting Governor Jim Gibbons, who polls dismally against likely Democratic candidate Rory Reid (son of Harry)? Gibbons’ GOP opponent Brian Sandoval thinks he can do it.
  • California Governor. We’ll soon know whether Meg Whitman or Steve Poizner will face Jerry Brown next November.
  • California Senate. Admit it, these are the races of the day for fans. Will Fiorino beat Campbell and DeVore? Can Boxer hold out against Kaus?
  • Iowa Governor. Former Iowa GOP Gov. Terry Branstad returns. If he wins, he could give first-term Gov. Chet Culver a run for his money.
  • Virginia 5th District. Vulnerable freshman Democratic Rep. Thomas Perriello finds out today who his GOP opponent will be in November. Politico says this race will say a lot about the Tea Party.
  • Personally I’m watching Arkansas, California and Nevada.

    — DRJ

    Judicial Endorsements

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    You may read my judicial endorsements here. My top pick is Alan Schneider for Office 117. Read the linked post for more.

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