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Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming

Filed under: General — JRM @ 7:25 pm

Thanks to Patterico for having me guest-blog here; I’m an occasional blogger on the other side of this blog at The Jury Talks Back.

Although, like the Cardinals, I was second-best this weekend (Jack Dunphy got me), I hope you enjoyed my appearance.


5 Responses to “Back to Regularly Scheduled Programming”

  1. The bright lights, the celebrity, and the fortune of the front page.

    How can you go back to the Jury after an experience such as this?

    Thanks for the posts and the interaction!

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  2. You did good but please, next time, a cheerleader pic or two on sports posts?

    nk (bf9c84)

  3. Good idea nk. I second the pic idea.

    daleyrocks (5d22c0)

  4. Warning: that goes straight into a video.

    Granted, it’s a pretty cool video.

    Patterico (cc3b34)

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