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Obama’s Budget: What the [String of Expletives Deleted]ing [Still More Deleted]

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Obama today said: “[T]here are some hard choices that lie ahead. Just as a family has to make hard choices about where to spend and where to save, so do we as a government.”

How hard will the choices be? I’ll tell you how hard: his new budget is $3.55 trillion.

If that’s not making the hard choices, I don’t know what is.

Speaking of things that are hard to do, it was hard to write this post without using several expletives.

Then I read that this budget amounts to $25,000 per taxpayer, and it got harder.

I’m going to stop writing now. The kids are asleep, so I need to find a pillow to scream into. Thanks for reading.

The Real Hitchens/Nazi Story

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It was posted yesterday, but I’m just reading it today. I love this line: “One must take a stand. One simply must.”

Love it.

And Another One Comes, And Another One Comes . . .

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The Rocky Mountain News bites the dust.

P.S. I will occasionally point out when I post something in the evening that I put up on Twitter at lunchtime. This is one of those times.

Mea Culpa: Turns Out Obama Is a Deficit Hawk After All . . .

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The other day I mocked Obama’s radio address in which he “expressed determination to ‘get exploding deficits under control.'”

Everyone has to eat crow on occasion, and with today’s news, I have to say: “Boy is my face red!”

President Barack Obama is sending Congress a budget Thursday that projects the government’s deficit for this year will soar to $1.75 trillion . . .

See? Only $1.75 trillion! Why, just imagine how bad it would have been without his determination to get exploding deficits under control!

I feel confident he has created or saved at least another $1.75 trillion with his deficit-controlling determination. So, you know, thank God for that.

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