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If We’re Nice to Them, Maybe They’ll Kill Us Last – A Continuing Series

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[Guest post by Jack Dunphy]

Over at Pajamas Media, Roger Kimball reports on the latest example of the British cowering in the face of Muslim extremism. To summarize, Dutch politician Geert Wilders had been invited to appear before the House of Lords to screen his short film, Fitna, which examines some of the less peaceful history of the “religion of peace.” Wilders arrived at Heathrow Airport but was promptly whisked back on a plane for Holland. British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith explained the expulsion, saying that Wilders’s presence in Britain “would threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the U.K.”

Quite right. We mustn’t upset the Muslims. In the same post, Kimball reports on the arrest of Muzzammil Hassan, of Orchard Park, New York. Hassan is the founder of Bridges TV, a cable network whose aim is to present Muslims in a positive light. The charge against him? He’s accused of beheading his wife.

–Jack Dunphy

Justice Ginsburg Gets Encouraging Prognosis

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Justice Ginsburg is home after her surgery for pancreatic cancer. She received a positive report and her prognosis sounds as good as it could possibly be.

Dr. Joseph Kim, a liver, pancreas and stomach surgeon at the City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center in Duarte, said Ginsburg’s prognosis appeared positive.

The reports are “outstanding,” he said. “It’s very good for her.”

The finding that Ginsburg’s pancreatic cancer is stage 1 means that the tumor was small and showed no sign of spreading to other organs. She will probably begin a six-month course of chemotherapy and may receive radiation treatment before or after, Kim said.

With a stage 1 tumor, “the chances of survival are far better than the bleak survival figures we commonly talk about,” Kim said. Instead of a 5% chance of survival after five years, Ginsburg’s odds could be better than 50%, he said.

Good news.

Blago Asked Burris for $$

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This Chicago Sun Times headline says it all: Blago hit up Burris for cash.

Well, maybe not all. There’s a little more to it: Burris forgot to mention this when he was first questioned under oath about such solicitations:

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s brother solicited U.S. Sen. Roland Burris for up to $10,000 in campaign cash before Blagojevich named Burris to the coveted post — something Burris initially failed to disclose under oath before an Illinois House impeachment panel, records and interviews show.

Burris (D-Ill.) acknowledges being hit up for the money in a new affidavit he has sent to the head of the House committee that recommended Blagojevich be removed from office.

. . . .

Burris’ statement offers the third version of events he has given about his discussions concerning the Senate seat, to which Blagojevich appointed him in late December, after Blagojevich was hit with federal corruption charges that included an allegation he tried to sell the Senate appointment.

Burris say he didn’t give any money. But he has to explain why this is just coming out now.

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