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Why John Edwards Can’t Make A Political Comeback

Filed under: Politics,Scum — Justin Levine @ 5:18 pm

[posted by Justin Levine]

After he made a public speech at Indiana University, CNN asks ‘Can John Edwards make a comeback’?

The simple answer: No. Not until he comes clean.

CNN quotes James Spellman as saying “Americans are very forgiving, and their memory is often short. He can come back if he does it right.”

This may be true, but Edwards is most definitely NOT doing it right.

Why is that? Simple – He is still lying about fathering a child out of wedlock.

That girl is going to grow up eventually and start asking questions about who her father is. When Edwards makes this supposed ‘comeback’, will the media continue to ignore this kid’s very existence? They will no doubt try to. But then we will be subjected to the same farce all over again where outlets such as the National Enquirer report on the kid’s life while CNN and the rest of the gang stick their collective heads in the sand (among other places).

Then of course there is the regrettable and sad possibility that his wife’s cancer might take a turn for the worse just around the time that he is making progress towards this supposed big ‘comeback’ of his. This will remind voters of Edwards’ inherent sleaziness – even if they have “short memories” in the first instance.

[This doesn’t even address the issue of why Edwards even feels the need to make a comeback except as a way to once again stroke his own over-sized ego. What exactly can he bring to the table at this point?? Is he really going to accuse President-elect Obama of ignoring the poor and caving in to the ‘evil neo-cons’? That seems to be Edwards’ worn-out schitck these days. If he has anything else to offer, I haven’t seen it.]

American’s are indeed forgiving – but I’m laying odds against a comeback in this instance because Edwards still thinks that we are all stupid.

– Justin Levine

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