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????? – Obama? Drudge Says Bumper Stickers Being Printed (for everyone apparently). Updated X2

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[Posted by WLS]

I’m not buying it yet.  For a campaign with tens of millions of dollars, they could print a few thousand bumper stickers they intend to burn tomorrow and it wouldn’t mean a thing. 

If you want to keep this selection such a huge secret, would you do something like having bumper stickers printed before the announcement is made, which puts every worker inside the factory in the loop on the choice prior to sending the long-awaited text message to all the Obmamaniacs who are waiting up at night? 

The story about HIllary not being vetted looks like disinfo to me — again.  Why would she need to be vetted — she just ran for President for 18 months, and she was First Lady for 8 years and a Senator for 6 years after that.  Her tax returns have been made public.  What possible “paper” could the Obama campaign have wanted from her that they could not find in a dozen different places already? 

As for Bayh, he’s going to be Sec. of the Interior or whatever other cabinet job he wants for having played along.  After all, he was a big Hillary supporter, so he’s a very likely candidate for playing her beard in this whole process.



MSNBC saying that Bayh and Kaine told they are not the pick.  This from is exactly why I think it is Hillary.  Obama has passed on having an announcement this entire week when he could have gotten standard evening news coverage, plus non-stop cable news coverage and wall-to-wall coverage beginning with the network and cable morning shows the next day.

Now he’s going to make a Saturday announcement two days before the start of a convention where two days are being given over to the Clintons. 

This timing ONLY makes sense if it is Hillary.  She is named tomorrow, they do a barnstorming tour of the ares she was strong and he was weak — areas they need to win in November like Penn, Ohio, and Mich — and then she rolls into Colorado ahead of him to kick off the great unity festivities.

If the Obama campaign does anything else, then waiting until tomorrow is one of the most bone-headed tactical decisions of all time.

But, more importantly, having Clinton on the bottom of the ticket worries me.  I think the two of them have a great chance to unify the party and sweep McCain out of the way.


NRO Corner says Hillary’s camp just released her weekend schedule.  She has NOTHING listed until midday Sunday when she’s set to be in Fresno.  That would be easy enough to cancel.

28 Responses to “????? – Obama? Drudge Says Bumper Stickers Being Printed (for everyone apparently). Updated X2”

  1. Obama-Bayh?
    The most Muslim sounding name possible.
    It must be a joke.

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  2. Oh, wonderful. The “O-Bayh” ticket. As if the whole cult of personality wasn’t already beyond creepy.

    Rob Crawford (b5d1c2)

  3. Bayh Bayh Barak?

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  4. Bye, Obama

    Icy Truth (48f459)

  5. Evan Bayh’s official online Senate bio doesn’t say one damn word about the fact that his father was the flaming liberal three-term United States Senator, Birch Bayh, who was finally dumped by Indiana in 1980 . . .beaten by Dan Quayle.

    Official Internet Data Office (066b46)

  6. WLS, I so agree re Hillary and her not being vetted. Really, is there anything we don’t already know about her? But suggesting she wasn’t vetted therefore never a real possibility for veep is certainly a sly way to rile up her army of disgruntled women. I think somewhere a man is snickering at how easily manipulated they are.

    Dana (084de8)

  7. And don’t forget this funny story about Bayh that might as well be about “The One” via Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine.


    Accomplishments don’t necessairly [sic] equal readiness to be president. But, all other things being equal, I’d argue they are a decent indicator.

    jeff (fa136d)

  8. If Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass and those two other guys are Obama supporters, don’t be too shocked if they show up in Denver to serenade the VP candidate with their biggest hit.

    L.N. Smithee (b048eb)

  9. Now Drudge is linking to MSNBC saying that Bayh and Kaine have been informed that they’re both not the VP pick.

    I know what you’re thnking: It’s Dukakis!

    Official Internet Data Office (066b46)

  10. Bye, Obama
    – Icy Truth

    You mean we can’t count on Drudge here? Good bumper sticker too.

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  11. And split the royalties with Perfect Sense. Too good to waste…

    Vermont Neighbor (a066ed)

  12. Everybody ramp up to start calling him/them Obamabiden!

    Icy Truth (9e8038)

  13. Obama bin-Biden

    Icy Truth (9e8038)

  14. That TNR piece has another theory for the week-long delay, combined with the annoucement that the announcement would go out via text message to anyone who signed up — waiting all this time with a building sense of expectation has been done to maximize the number of email addresses they could use later on for fundraising, organizing, and GOTV activities.

    That makes a lot of sense, and is very IT of them.

    WLS (26b1e5)

  15. I hope it’s Hillary. It would vindicate my opinion of the Obama brain rust. That’s not a misspelling.

    Obama beat Hillary because he was the accidental anti-Hillary. The Clintons seriously embarrassed the Democratic Party. Imagine if Nixon had attempted a comeback. At least he had the grace to retire into obscurity.

    A large portion of Obama’s support was an anti-Hillary vote. Put Hillary on the ticket and they will throw up their hands then sit on them. A lot of Hillary supporters will be offended that she has second billing. Better to let Obama lose and Hillary come back in four years – sure thing in their calculation.

    Republicans are very wary of Obama. They hate Hillary. Many independents are the same way. In politics strengths don’t add. Negatives do.

    Roy Lofquist (cb9c6e)

  16. I think Obama won because he’s the anti-Bush.

    DRJ (a5243f)

  17. There are only three names big enough to justify the buildup-Clinton, Gore, and Powell. Anyone else will be anti-climatic.

    MartyH (00ac40)

  18. WLS,

    What did the TNR link say? I can’t get it to work.

    DRJ (a5243f)

  19. This HRC speculation totally takes me back to the 1980 GOP convention when Reagan needed to announce his VP pick. Speculation was rampant that Gerald Ford might be called upon. There was much historic talk that, for once, justified the presence of the talking heads. Then, in one scintillating moment (to me), the word came forth that Bush was the pick. I was at once, deflated, and relieved. No history, but Reagan wouldn’t have to swallow too many prior criticisms.

    I just don’t see BHO choosing to swallow.

    Ed (ddaac8)

  20. Hillary would be the smart choice but not likely, imho. That would make O third, not even second, fiddle. I could be wrong but just don’t see how he could do it without alienating the nutroots. And why would she accept? 2012 is her year now.

    Chris (da1e70)

  21. It’s been reported that a private plane from Chicago has landed at the airport nearest Biden, and that Secret Service has shown up at his place…

    Scott Jacobs (d3a6ec)

  22. Secret Service knock at the door: Senator Biden, we’re your security detail.

    Biden: Jesus H. Ch&$#t. About time you showed up. Your twenty years late! Now, get me a Dr. Pepper.

    Chris (da1e70)

  23. Its – Hillery 2012.

    Perfect Sense (9d1b08)

  24. Who the heck is Hillery?

    And where the hell is heck?

    Icy Truth (9e8038)

  25. WLS @14 – I thought it was taking so long because everybody was turning Obama down. He had to keep going to backups because nobody wanted to be part of his losing ticket.


    daleyrocks (d9ec17)

  26. #13 – Ding!Ding!Ding! You owe me a monitor 😉

    rhodeymark (e96855)

  27. Bambi picked Biden because THE ONE is short on experience and needs a political attack dog to do the dirty work which THE ONE can’t do for himself. Not if THE ONE still exoects to represent the hope and change THE ONE says he will bring the peaseful ‘biding hurds.

    McCain should pick the best person to lead the country in the event he can’t complete his first term. Any other choice, for any other reason, is unwise and would be seen as a political calculation unbecoming a serious candidate for POTUS.

    Let the children, and the pretenders amuse themselves with political games. The adult leaders of this country have important work to do.

    Ropelight (4a83c9)

  28. rhodeymark, What happened? Did you spill something?

    In the immortal words of Bartholomew J. Simpson: “I didn’t do it.”

    Icy Truth (784175)

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