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Meet Captain Ed (and Patterico)

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Ed Morrissey is in town and is inviting his readers to come meet him for lunch this Friday, at the El Torito in Fullerton.

I’ll be there.

Details here.

8 Responses to “Meet Captain Ed (and Patterico)”

  1. Good lord – I feel like taking a nap just reading about it.

    [So why are you reading this site? — P]

    The Liberal Avenger (c93dac)

  2. I’ll be there.

    Fullerton is old stomping grounds (I attended Sonora High School)

    Darleen (03346c)

  3. The Liberal Avenger, I agree with you on one issue.

    Yes, Cuba DID in fact launch a shark attack on the coasts of Iraq.

    David Moon (8896c0)

  4. Ugh! I’m in Arizona until Sunday. Maybe next time…

    Justin Levine (a90377)

  5. Good lord – I feel like taking a nap just reading about it.

    [So why are you reading this site? — P]

    Uh, just a guess, but because he’s a “Liberal Avenger” and he came to read and offer the opposing viewpoint.

    Christoph (9824e6)

  6. Why? I’m putting everyone to sleep anyway, according to him; you wouldn’t think you’d need an opposing viewpoint for that.

    Patterico (de0616)

  7. I saw The Liberal Avenger and Michael Jackson go to a boy’s clothing store because they heard that “boy’s clothes were half off.”

    David Moon (cfee12)

  8. Actually, the Avenger came up with what, for him, is the most complimentary thing he could say:

    As far as wingnuts go, you and Dana and the bulk of your visitors here are pretty goddamn well grounded.

    Heck, I troll on his site for hits back to mine, and it usually nets me a few; perhaps he’s here for a similar reason. But I’d add a bit of information he didn’t include above: he might not be all that interested in meeting Ed Morrissey because he got banned from commenting on The Captain’s Quarters, for some crack like asking if Rush Limbaugh was still addicted to coke. And Jeff Goldstein has banned him from commenting on Protein Wisdom. I wouldn’t want to see him banned from here, but I’m not really worried about that: our esteemed host appears to be very tolerant!

    Dana (e7aa47)

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