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Coverage of the L.A. Press Club Event

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Many blogs have discussed last night’s fabulous L.A. Press Club event:

Hugh Hewitt has a comprehensive post, and also includes the text of his prepared remarks.

Mickey Kaus complains that none of the bloggers blogged about the event. You just need to give us some time, Mickey . . .

Quarens has a picture, where you can barely see me, off to the left.

SoCalPundit promises pictures, but hasn’t delivered — yet. (I think Hugh called him Kevin Drum! He was obviously mixing up SoCalPundit Kevin with Kevin Drum, the former CalPundit. He must have been surprised at the right-wing question that “Drum” asked.)

Flap does have pictures. The red eyes in the picture of me are due to his camera — not the wine I had. I assure you.

Mack Reed was appalled by the Times-bashing.

Kevin Roderick — who, like me, was surprised to find Hugh Hewitt inviting him to speak (but who, unlike me, wisely declined to) — has some thoughts.

Gay Patriot has a comprehensive list of people he met.

So does Cathy Seipp — who says she met me, but really didn’t, properly (which I regret — hopefully next time).

I did meet Carol Platt Liebau, who sometimes guests for Hugh Hewitt on the radio.

Justene from Calblog says her daughter was thrilled that her mom got to hear Hugh Hewitt . . . you know, the blogger.

Luke Ford has a post, though I can’t figure out how to permalink it.

Jason Apuzzo of the LIBERTAS blog has a post. Baldilocks, Vik Rubenfeld, and I enjoyed talking to his wife Govindini Murty about conservatives in Hollywood. Apparently they exist!

Other folks I met who didn’t/couldn’t blog it — and I know I am missing some — include L.A. Times editor Bob Sipchen; the pseudonymous LAPD officer Jack Dunphy and his lovely (and equally anonymous) wife; Amy Alkon; Jill Stewart; Roger L. Simon; Mark Alan Stamaty (who does the full-page Sunday Opinion comics for the L.A. Times); Brady Westwater; and (as I mentioned last night) frequent commenter Dafydd ab Hugh and his lovely wife Sachi. Old friends not already mentioned included Justin Levine, Richard (Calblog Justene’s husband), and Marc Danziger (aka Armed Liberal from Winds of Change). And probably some others that I somehow forgot.

I got to speak with all of these people (except for Cathy Seipp). Can you tell what a great evening it was?

UPDATE: Jay Rosen wasn’t there, but has a post that touches on the event.

8 Responses to “Coverage of the L.A. Press Club Event”

  1. LA Bloggers plan to take out the Times
    Plans were revealed last night and LA Voice has a great wrap up. In short, by hating, fearing, loathing and dissing the L.A. Times so actively, they give the paper even more weight than it has, or should have. ……

    Blogging.LA (e3ac5a)

  2. Critical mass
    In today’s Times, editorial page editor Andrés Martinez writes that “working at a major metropolitan newspaper these days can feel a bit like working for the East German Politburo, circa 1988. It’s a good gig with great benefits, and people seek you…

    L.A. Observed (a1b564)

  3. This is the second time within a few minutes that I’ve seen the “Gay Patriot” blog name… I don’t recall having seen that before. Is that blogger new?

    Actually, there are several blogs/bloggers on this list that I don’t recognized… And I didn’t know that there was now a weblog on the site of the Liberty Film Festival. I didn’t recognized the name of that blogger, but I do recognize the name of Govindini Murty!…

    Aakash (1c7281)

  4. It was great to meet you, Patterico. I have a pretty good photo from the event here.

    Vik Rubenfeld (7ab71f)

  5. It was a great evening, although wouldn’t it have been perfect if Joseph had come too? Emmanuelle and I actually did invite him, but I suppose he was still recovering from encountering our massive wall of charm last week. Sorry you and I didn’t meet properly — please be more forward next time!

    PS: Where are Kevin Roderick’s thoughts on that night? I only saw that he mentioned it in passing, I think a day or two ahead of time…

    Cathy Seipp (53e704)

  6. Sorry you and I didn’t meet properly – please be more forward next time!

    It’s not that I wasn’t being forward; there were just so many people to talk to. Next time I’ll prioritize meeting you, first thing.

    PS: Where are Kevin Roderick’s thoughts on that night? I only saw that he mentioned it in passing, I think a day or two ahead of time…

    It was sort of in passing. Maybe I oversold it a touch.

    Patterico (756436)

  7. While I think it is possible Hugh had me mixed up with CalPundit, I don’t believe that is the case. But then again, if he did, he would never let on about it. Hugh managed to quote my blog’s web address correctly, so he must have figured out I am not Kevin Drum at some point. At the beginning of the evening, I made sure to remind Hugh of some of the people we know in common which is why I am pretty certain he did not confuse me with Drum. I am linking to you on your fine work reporting the LA Times inability to quote in fellow left-wing news orgs correctly!

    Kevin Korenthal (ff0283)

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