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Well of COURSE she does

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Soon-to-be TalkRight radio host Ace of Spades, along with his future co-host Karol, note that Congresswoman Maxine Waters has stepped up to the plate to oppose illegal immigration.

Well, naturally. I mean, that’s how the CIA got their newfangled specially-designed-to-addict-black-folks crack cocaine up into her district to begin marketing it to the black population. Why would she oppose tighter border control?

From a 1996 Walters Press Release:

“The origin of the crack cocaine trade in this country was led and designed by the CIA and their paid Nicaraguan agents — who introduced crack cocaine to South-Central Los Angeles,” proclaimed Waters as the hearing began. “The consequences of this wholesale dumping of cocaine into inner cities by CIA-organized agents has been widespread homelessness, violence, the destruction of families, and death.”

Rep. Waters cited a series of articles in the San Jose Mercury News, from August 18 – 20, 1996, authored by reporter Gary Webb, which documented the connection between U.S. foreign policy in the 1980s, international drug traffickers, and crack cocaine’s origins in South-Central Los Angeles. The drug trade subsequently spread to many other inner city neighborhoods in the United States.

Never mind that the Dark Alliance series has been thoroughly debunked and Gary Webb estranged from the SJM. And never mind that not only the CIA, but an independent DOJ inquiry (links to follow in an update this afternoon, if I feel like it) have determined this is baseless, and never mind that this whole controversy started because a convicted coke dealer thought he could talk himself out of jail by claiming he was, ummm, working for the CIA and gullible liberals like Maxine Waters and Gary Webb believed him. (I haven’t heard an apology coming from Rep. Waters, but that’s probably just because she’s so busy with border control.)

But now with Rep. Waters on our side, we cannot fail. The border will soon be sealed up tighter than Rep. Waters’ reasoning! Take that, CIA crack-pushers!


No, this isn’t afternoon. But I did chase down those links: CIA report and DOJ Report (scroll down to 1997). The reports are long and convoluted, but it’s an entertaining read.

As for Waters’ endorsement in 1996 of articles that were debunked in 1997 and 1998: The articles were pretty absurd on their face. Why would the CIA protect domestic drug shipments? Under what legal authority would they do so? Did they think that this would just never come to light? Webb’s conspiracy theory lacked even a motive.

But Maxine Waters took Webb’s paranoid ramblings and opened the throttle wide. Now for her it wasn’t just a matter of the CIA looking the other way, or protecting politically useful criminals from prosecution. In Watersworld, the CIA deliberately engineered crack cocaine to be released on the black population in order to keep them down. That’s the value added in her press release. Whether she thought of that herself, or some seditious moonbat or Communist propaganda artist coined it, it’s a vile piece of race-baiting seditious poison that slanders the intelligence community and stirs up interracial distrust and rancor. Waters abused her platform by advancing the theory. It still tarnishes the reputation of the CIA at home and abroad.

It looks like the truth of the Contra-Drugs connection is that both sides in Nicaragua were running coke; the CIA was supposed to make sure we didn’t have any on our side but was much more interested in the Cold War than the Drug War and didn’t want to look to closely at the Contra’s extracurriculars. They were willing to kill commies and run risks, and people like that were hard to find–and intel services don’t usually insist on a recitiation of the Boy Scout Oath before recruiting sources. So allies weren’t properly vetted, flights and equipment were occasionally diverted to illicit use, and cooperation with the DEA, et al. was slim. But the notion that the CIA was complicit in, much less masterminding, running drugs into the US is tinfoil-hat-wackitude.

Besides, if the CIA were behind an attempt to hook the black citizens of LA on crack cocaine, don’t you guys think that they would actually end up hooking the Samoan citizens of Milwaukee on No-Doz?

8 Responses to “Well of COURSE she does”

  1. Who Said It?
    There is no excuse not to control the border, she said. “I’m a liberal with a capital ‘L’,” she said, “but I’m sick of it.” Y’ain’t gonna believe you actually agree with this person on a political issue. As has…

    Ace of Spades HQ (1483fa)

  2. I’m not sure Waters should be faulted for quoting a 1996 SJMN article in 1996.

    When the Governor said he wanted to “close the borders”, he should have said he wanted to close the borders except at official border crossings. Instead he just said he meant to say “secure the borders”, which means nothing.

    Ladainian (91b3b2)

  3. Pat – you are sharp!

    Rod Stanton (daa226)

  4. Thanks, Rod, but I’ll take the blame for this one…

    [Yeah, but who chose you as a guest blogger? — Patterico the Sharp]

    See-Dubya (85b967)

  5. Gary Webb is estranged from more than the Mercury-News. He’s estranged from the world, having died by his own hand last year. An excellent LA Times story a few weeks ago detailed his decline. After he left the Merk, he was basically unemployable as a reporter. He worked for the Legislature for a while and was working for a low-paying Sacramento weekly at the time of his death. His wife had divorced him. He shot himself as the movers were about to arrive at his home, which he was forced to sell because he couldn’t make the mortgage payments anymore. It was a dumb series he wrote, but a sad ending.

    Ken Hoover (559d1b)

  6. “Never mind that the Dark Alliance series has been thoroughly debunked and Gary Webb estranged from the SJM.”

    Was it debunked when she said it? And everyone knows that the stuff from the contras came in powder, not rock form.

    actus (0f2616)

  7. I’m just shocked that Waters came down against illegal immigration. I live in her district and, since many Mexican immigrants–legal and otherwise–and Mexican-Americans live here, one would cynically think that she would try to play to that constituency. (Of course, it’s a myth that most Americans of Mexican descent are for going easy on illegals. I just thought that she might go for that myth.)

    Stopped clocks and all.

    Juliette (7ebcf6)

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